Wednesday 4 January 2023

Lunar Paste with Leaves on Stamping Foam initial review + WOYWW

 I really wanted to join for this first week in January’s WOYWW because this month is my 12th anniversary of joining in the beautiful blog hop around desks. As my health is poor these days the frequency is unpredictable.

And desk day is What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday, over HERE 😁 at Julia's .. so where’s my desk!?

I’m exploring this new technique with new to me Simon Hurley products from Christmas gifts - video here. Leaves are from Singapore Frangipani in my garden. They’re on top left of this image, adhered on page scrap with double sided tape. Three of four lunar pastes, the piece of stamping foam and my very first attempt using same colours as video. I had four colours lunar paste, stamp, stamping foam and new heat gun were two gifts from two family dear ones. Of course the photos DO NOT SHOW THE shimmery SHEEN! Buts unbelievable.

Yes, I’m hooked on this technique,  I was a kid in candy shop. I did some on white card, is nice too .. but black is wonderful. 

Here’s card samples in various colour ways. I’ve actually done more makes of other stamps on foam, but will share another day.

Do I like the Lunar paste? It’s brilliant for this technique… here I applied ink with small or even larger brayer as long as you get even colour for even pressure stamp. It’s a learning curve but you’ll find it a quick technique and can do loads of samples which is great.

I didn’t like it as a watercolour paint technique, so not ever doing that again.

My one try with a good TH Mosaic stencil had mixed success. It needs further investigation but the colour dried was simply extraordinary. It’s moist paste so found it required a VERY light hand with stencil. 

These are cards made but didn’t photograph the ones on white card sorry and not home today.. this is my desk view… howzat?

To other Aussie Shots… in Aust on Christmas afternoon often backyard Cricket is played.
This year our budding younger cricketers roused the older ones into action, it was fun to watch!

Here’s the required beach views, with a new rose Aussie breed, ❤️ Alicia Courage, and a sunrise!

This last one is of my creek walk five mins from my place, taken two days ago, so good to see that marquee in centre.
It’s for SUFM or Scripture Union Family Mission. I was so overjoyed to see they’d come back this year after a Covid hiatus,

In the 1960's, on the 4th of Jan, as a child I prayed right here at the creek at a picnic table and trusted in Jesus as my Saviour from my sin with a teacher from the Beach Mission of my youth.

The story and photos of this day, with photos of the picnic table spot and calligraphy too, are all Here, written in 2011. Early days of this blog so probably most haven’t seen it. 

This verse here is on bedroom wall. It has been pivotal in my life since 10 days in hospital Christmas/ New Year of 1984/5, one of the times I nearly died.

Much of it is mixed up memory. However this passage in Psalm 37 anchored me, I asked anyone visiting to read it to me, no natter who it was 😁 as was too sick to read. 

Key is:

Commit, Trust, Rest in Him, Wait on the Lord, Fret not thyself. 

It’s my anchor to my LORD GOD even today. I live with an unforgettable reality of the fragility of life.  Daily I know it, as do others. This totally changes your outlook and think Covid time has emphasised it too..

Thanks so very much for popping over for a peek and a chat, you are appreciated, will do my very best to reciprocate.

Prayer hugs, 🙏🤗❤️

Shaz in Oz.x 

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  1. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year Shaz xx Thank you so much for my lovely card, I’m afraid I didn’t post many this year cos of the strikes and gave a donation to the Salvation Army instead. I love the colours of those shimmery paints, they look fab on the black!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  2. Good to see you Shaz and happy New Year. That lunar paste looks spectacular - especially on black card. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

  3. Your cards are all so beautiful and the Christmas card you sent me will be a treasured one.
    I like the picture on your wall as a reminder of how we should be living our lives. Waiting eagerly for the day He comes to us or takes us home.
    What a gorgeous view you have from your desk. I don't think I would ever leave that spot.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Lovely post Shaz, always good to see you, frequency not an issue but I prefer to think that if we don’t see you it’s becausE you’re well enough to be making the most….which you always do! Those pastes are wonderful, nice bit of shimmery sheen on the black. Interesting about the usage with a stencil, I can see consistency of thickness would be a huge issue for me…and the wet spreading too, I’m so ham fisted! That’s a beautiful new Rose, what a colour, perfect blushing! Wishing you improved health and a happy new year. Xxx

  5. So lovely to see you on here again my friend. Love your stories of faith and that verse is one of my favourites too. The pastes look amazing and I love the shimmer. Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW. Take care of yourself and do let me know of any specific prayer requests you may have. Love & God Bless, Caro xx (#15)

  6. Hi Shaz, Happy New Year. I love that first colourway you have shown. Looks like you had a lot of fun creating which is what it is all about afterall. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Happy New Year Shaz, God blessings on your way!
    Congrats for your 12 blogaversary!!
    Your cards with the Singapore Frangipani leaves look all awesome! I have never tried Lunar Paste, they look as very shining waxes, so beautiful!!
    Thanks for your Aussie shots, you live in a fabulous peaceful place and your rose is a true beauty. I read all the story about your trust in Jesus, so touching. And the verse on your bedroom wall are really a anchor in difficulties for anyone. :)
    Big hugs and prayers from Italy

  8. Happy new year to you Shaz and I hope that 2023 will be kind to you.
    It’s nice to see that you are still creating. I do think it helps when things are not as they should be.
    Take care
    Lynn xx

  9. It's always great to see you on the list! I love the use of the pastes, which i've not used. the shots of the beach always cheer me when i see them, so thank you for including them. Happy WOYWW and stay well. Helen #2

  10. Hi my lovely Shaz, great to see you here again. I am loving the technique on the cards the Lunar pastes look lush. Always ;love to see the photographjs around your place too. ake care of yourself and wishing you a very happy woyww New Year. Big hugs, Angela x10x

  11. Love your leaf experiments Shaz. Wishing you a happy and New Year. May God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand x. Angela #19

  12. Your lunar paste experiments are stunning no wonder you are hooked!! Love the colours. Also enjoying those beach pics and the beautiful skies. Lovely. Happy New Year, have a good week, love n hugs Cindy xx #11

  13. Beautiful cards and technique Shaz..Beautiful aussie photos...Happy New Year..Loz

  14. The cards are fabulous!
    I can see the shine!
    I watch Simon Hurley doing his magic with the Lunar pastes on Instagram!
    Hope you are well!
    Happy New Year!

  15. Beautiful use of the Luna Paste Shaz - those cards are amazing. How wonderful of the family to buy things that bring you so much pleasure!
    Wonderful to see you here, and once again sharing your testimony

  16. Lovely intense colours on your pretty inky cards Shaz, many thanks for sharing with us at Allsorts challenge.

    B x

  17. Happy New Year Shaz, I've got some unopened lunar paste and some stamping foam is on it's way to me too! Your results look fabulous! I must have a go, Cathy x

  18. Hello my lovely friend. You can always be relied on to show us a new technique and fair review of products and I love what you have done today. Those leaf prints are fabulous and I have to investigate this video and the lunar paste. Beautiful work as always.
    Sorry to hear you have not been that well. I always think of you in prayer and know that in all probability we will not meet up again, neither of us able to travel nowadays, but thank the Lord we have got to meet twice in real life.
    I recently went to Manchester and as I went past Boots I remembered how we met on the steps. Such a joyous occasion and a wonderful day with a small group of friends. Lovely memories to look back on and no need to look for photographs as I can still see us in my minds eye.
    Thank you for the lovely photographs, interesting to hear about cricket being played and to see that beautiful rose.
    So happy that you survived that terrible time with God's words to comfort and give hope and joy to you.
    Sending lots of Love to you, Always
    Neet xx 3

  19. Loving your new technique, and the pastes! Bravo you! So nice to use God's creation to be creative!!!! I am so happy that the beach mission has returned as well, may people know their need of a Saviour. Great photos as always, I love seeing your side of the world but my favourite piccy is of your amazingly beautiful calligraphy of Psalm 37.

  20. Happy WOYWW Anniversary and Happy New Year, Shaz! I love the spectacular results you got with the paste and can only imagine how brilliant they look in real life! Also love the Aussie photos (that rose!) and the scripture that anchored you in your worst days and thereafter. Here's to a strong 2023 and thank you for inspiring everyone at NBUS! Hugs, Darnell

  21. So beautiful.

  22. Sorry to hear you are not well, hope that changes soon.
    I have wanted to give that paste a try myself, such beautiful pieces you have done with it.
    Enjoy those beautiful sunny days!

  23. What a super technique and amazing results. BJ#14

  24. Wow Sis, I am loving the your play with the Lunar pastes! You got the foam block too?!! I think that is so cool, love what you did with the leaves. Looks amazing! Nice Christmas presents!! Ahhh, I sit here looking at your beautiful summery photo's while it is snowing outside my window. I'm so ready for summer, even though we have had a very mild winter and this is our first snow. The photo's are beautiful. Hugs, Brenda


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