Wednesday 10 October 2018

Blessings Received + WOYWW ~ God is Good!

Dear ones, Popping back for not too long hopefully post *** very picture heavy. Firstly some sympathy cards received and also maybe of God's blessings shopping from Wales and Florida.. yes.. you read correctly!
Sympathy cards.. from Darnell (bubbles -love her simple understated clever work), Chris aka Mrs D bottom card, and Anne (poppy) in France. I was away when they came.
From WOYWW crop with dear kind Magaret I received many ATCs which as others have shared, so I will not as post would be too long. Tag was from Sarah I think. I loved it.
Neet have me the gorgeous ATC holder above and glasses case from dear Jan and bear from Annie, the ATC is Heather.. its an accidental spare if anyone needs it??
Shaz was incredibly generous gave me a bag of enormous goodies, love that they're makes I've seen or read about but never owned!!!
Also in last post on last day see what arrived all way from Shaz's kind hands!!
A wonderful keepsake of crop. Group pickie plus one of Jan and Julia; as Julia had a special decade to celebrate and so was unable to come.
Still pinching myself, I, l'il ole me was at a WOYWW craft crop! Incredible detail in Shaz's work.. card also from Shaz..! THANK YOU Shaz and everyone.
When Margaret realised I really was coming over, including a weekend, she said we must have a crop. She also kindly took me all way to Lincoln I stayed at a dear 86 y.o friend, Iris, plus saw again Mrs D and Angela (aka Felix the cat) who gave me this gorgeous dragon's eye stone.. we had lunch at Mrs D's new place!
On an aside, I admired greatly the paints Angela used and would you believe how God worked? ...bought similar paint I think in Hobby Lobby for $2.20 a bottle. $6.49 for three bottles. So now have six! Sprays shimmer x3 at US store called Tuesday Mornings.
I made three calligraphy to give as presents  before I left. Will share later.
Here is an overview of crafty purchases some gifts. UK ones were mailed by UK post seamail which took 10 to 14 days! They beat me home. I think UK post is marvellous. Half price of ours and super efficient!!
My room is total chaos. Complete desk et al re-organisation! So many piles. Like climbing Everest to be honest!! Sigh... a year of detritus and neglect with dad not well.
Two quick cards made while trying to clean!!!
Get well needed .. and wanted to try other to justify that group of assorted toppers. Both card's bits half made...  I think bottom image came from a WOYWWer a while back (said from Pembrokeshire on back?)
I visited Anne in France (see this post here)  Now you know why a cull clean is needed! A crafty sister in Lord is visiting today have goodies bag for her too!
Must go, apologies for inactivity in blogland. Will still be taking a break. Need it. Miss my dad.. very much but such a comfort and the great miracle of God's mercy is I know he's with Lord God. (Full details with one of his paintings this post HERE).
Thanks so much for praying and caring those who've sent messages cards and those who've thought in their hearts. I'm very blessed and extremely grateful for so much kindness to me. So many folks went the extra mile in that miracle holiday. One day I'd like to share a few shots and tell of some of those miracles of grace!

I think the next greatest miracle was the timing....
*** Tickets booked in January.
*** Dad passed two weeks before I left.
*** Memorial service one week before I left.
Who else but God knew all that!?
A memory from Llandudno. Not sharpest shot as taken in car with Margaret. But such happy memories!
May God bless and keep you. Thanks so much for popping over and saying hi!
Love Shaz in Oz.x
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A thought to close with, going away for 5 weeks 5 days visiting numerous places, cultures, different homes, etc. plus losing a dear one, gives you an appreciation anew of life and its brevity and changeability.
Our life is vapour that appears for a little while, then vanishes away, James says in his epistle.
May we make it count for eternity.


  1. Welcome home, and I am sorry I did not realise you had lost your Dad, I am so sorry to hear that. So glad you had a chance to attend the crop (and I am gutted I was not able to be there!) you have some fabulous goodies from your trip. I must admit it is strange to hear our postal service praised.. perhaps we are luckier than we know! Have a good week. Helen #2

  2. What a wonderful post! Sending love and hugs xx
    Happy WOYWW - what a community Julia has built up!
    Claire, no.1

  3. Good Morning Shaz,
    You really did bring an even brighter smile to the crop I know from posts read how blessed everyone felt to have you there with them.
    Lots of happy memories made to help you at this sad time.
    Big Hugs Shaz, Thank you so much for sharing.
    Take good care Tracey #6

  4. Morning Shaz. good to see you today - I realise you are probably still catching up with sleep and everything since you got home - glad all the parcels arrived safely!! Yes - three proposals wasn't too bad, was it? Unfortunately, I'm not sure any were too serious:-( - they just wanted to marry the chef!
    You have certainly been busy since getting home - and now you are starting to grieve for your dad - take time, allow it to happen, go with the flow.
    Lovely cards, great pics - and a good one of Llandudno!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  5. Hi Shaz, so good to see you. Happy you loved the photo frame, just a little gift that you can look at and be back there for a few moments.Look forward to seeing some makes from all your new goodies, those paints look gorgeous, great bargain. You take care of yourself, and rest often. Love from us both, Shaz #5 XxX

  6. So good to see you Shaz, what a trip you’ve had, so many miles and smiles. Everyone at Crop was delighted to have you there, I remain a bit jealous! I guess now you’re home that the business of missing your darling father has to begin, it’s very hard and I feel deeply for you. Your desk looks e actly as it should dear Gal, covered in the fun and joy of new and exciting stuff, I love thatouve purchased things as a result of your journies, like the paints. Every t8me you use them they’ll be a reminder and make you smile. Can’t ask for better experiences than that.

  7. There's lots of love there on your desk today my friend....just as it should be. It was so lovely to meet you in person. I hope life is kind to you.
    Annie x #12

  8. hi Shaz, what a collection of goodies you have there. I look forward to seeing how you use those new paints they are lush! Sorry to hear of your loss, your father sounds like a lovely person who will be greatly missed. Have a good woyww, whatever you choose to do. Angela x13x

  9. What a trip you had, with such wonderful memories - it was amazing to meet you in the flesh after all these years of knowing you 'virtually'!! You must have come down to earth with a bump now and, as Julia said, it hits you about your dad. Sending you big hugs Shaz, I still miss my dad after two years.
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  10. Gorgeous goodies. Happy WOYWW #488 xx Jan (21)

  11. What a wonderful love and blessing filled post. I’m so glad you had the opportunity for this trip. May God continue to be with you and give you peace my dear friend.

  12. Thanks for the update on your life. I've been wondering about you and missed you CCM presence but know you need time to rejuvenate. I love your pineapple update picture in your other comments. What a sweet reminder of God's varied seasons for each of us. You continue to be in my prayers.

  13. Oh Shaz - it was so lovely to meet you and share a little "dumfing". I am glad you returned to Oz safely and now you can enjoy looking back on our happy day. I haven't forgotten about a little "Tilly" sheepy item. I am away for a few days but will sort it on my return. Tiny picture or brooch? It would be a pleasure to send either.xx Jo

  14. Dearest Shaz - so lovely to see you safely back home. And yep, we have a naughty but adorable puppy here now! One reason I couldn't really plan ahead too much.

    Oh what fun you had my dear friend, you were very much cared for and loved by many friends and family over here. Perhaps you will come back again.

    Meanwhile, take time for yourself - it's been a whirlwind and you perhaps now need time to come to terms about your lovely Dad. You are strong - and he is safe.

    Love your cards for the snippets playground and with all you bought I can quite see why you aren't entering the prize draw this time! Sheesh - did they charge you excess baggage? Smile :)


    Di xx

  15. So pleased that you have arrived back home safely. It was such a lovely surprise to see you at the Crop, you are an amazing woman and I know that God is full of blessing and answered prayers.
    Have a good rest and sort and replay of happy memories.
    Christine #25

  16. Hi Shaz, I didn't hear of your Dad... so sorry for your lost! I miss my Dad too, he passed one and half years ago.
    You have a lot of fabulous friend, you are really blessed!
    I can see a lot of new goodies, some gifted by friends and some purchased. You will be busy in the next days! :)
    Adorable quick cards!

  17. Hi Shaz, I didn't realize you had lost your dad so recently. Such a busy whirlwind trip for you, and now time to return home and relax. It was truly wonderful to meet you at the Crop. It was my first- and I enjoyed it so much, I'm already looking forward to the next one! When you are ready to tackle your desk I'm sure you will make lots of wonderful items with your new goodies. For now, rest well and enjoy your memories of your trip, and your dad. Have a lovely week Heather x #27

  18. Only the Lord knows dear sis, only the Lord. He lays the path for us doesn't he?! I'm so glad you were able to get to the crops and such, like the crafty stores. Wish I could have been there with you, but you weren't in my neck of the woods. Such a shame, but maybe one day. The Lord will make the way if it is to be. Love the photo of everyone, such a wonderful keepsake for sure. You take all the time you need to grieve. There is no time to be over it, I'm still grieving Dwayne and today is the 3 rd year he has been gone. It's hard to lose a loved one, very hard, but one day we will be with them again. Sending much love! Brenda

  19. Hi Shaz, good to see you back from your holiday, hope you had a brilliant time, a lovely collection of new goodies to play with. Have a wonderful weekend... Megan

  20. Yes, God's timing is impeccable! I have seen it repeatedly. This week I suffered a shattered rear windscreen, and the only one the supplier had was tinted - exactly as mine was!!
    So glad you had a wonderful trip Shaz, and were blessed so much. God is good.

  21. Hi Shaz, thanks for visiting my blog already, I managed to see all your comments lol. Yes the tag was mine, so glad you like it. It was so good to meet you. Eva sends her thanks for the goodies you sent for her. Can't wait to see what you make with all your fabulous stash from your visits! Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  22. Welcome back Shaz. Beautiful sympathy card you received.. Looks like you had a wonderful cropping time..Hugs Loz

  23. Glad you are home safely, and so sorry that you lost your Dad. I lost mine in 2001, and my hubby took me off to Nova Scotia, kicking and screaming, but it was the best thing to get away. Looks like you bought up half the crafty items in England! Looking forward seeing all the wonderful new projects! Sorry I'm so late, it's been a crazy week! Lindart #23


Thanks so VERY much for taking the time to encourage me by your comments! You REALLY make my day, and may God bless you for it!
Shaz in Oz.x
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