Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Curving Straight Edge Die cut, Christmas + WOYWW

Hi another week flying by. Suddenly hit me Christmas is almost here bar two months.
Mm, how many cards had I done?  Shocked at how few I'd done as I cleaned (yes still!! so many piles knocked over but two big boxes to go.)
To my desk! Please pop over to What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday or WOYWW over at Julia's Stamping Ground.
Yes, you can see my desk is clear almost! All piles here done. Just mid stream organising nice new drawers. Small pile under table is 3/4 done. Then the two dreaded boxes. Hopefuly most is recycle paper waste .. or might find my two missing dies!! Found two didn't know I'd lost on desk! In bags admittedly all intact.
A technique new to me to share today. Haven't seen how to do it so this how I did it! Putting a straight diecut on curved edge. Firstly extended it. This isn't actual die length.
 Then stretched with bone folder just the outer attaching edge, added some small slits around sam outer edge. Attached with DST as shown.
 This was an upcycle of very pretty card. Lacey edge (Dienamics) gave it real pop in matching mirri card.
 Finished card didn't need any more! Already for coming birthday.
 Christmas cards, another upcyle. A bit of dry embossing and a digi verse, from Luke. Like cards to always reflect the real reason of Christmas.
.. then a make with pieces from a few Christmases ago never used. Christmas masking with gold paste.
 Now to Aussie shots. Our giant pineapple plant, which was growing like Jack's beanstalk has a baby! Also see two stages of plants... one top in front and another plant behind.
 The wonderful 250+mm rain we've had here means it should be juicy! Am praying same for drought affected farms in NSW & Qld. Cute brommeliad flowers if you look closely.
My BiL shared these on What'sapp. The kangaroo waiting (?) for the sunset.
The heavens certainly declare the glory of God. (Psalm 19.)
Sorry such a picture heavy post. Made around some desks lady week. Hope I can again today. God bless you all.. and special prayers for my friends affected by Hurricane Michael (3rd worst hurricane to hit mainland USA). The home I stayed in with my friend has no kitchen, ceiling caved in she's with her son am hour away. Her daughter's home had several trees on it. So VERY many homes and livelihoods affected. Praying for all suffering ones. May they find comfort strength and help at such time.... Lord bless keep and strengthen you. Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X
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  1. Hi Shaz, good to see you! Great job clearing the desk- that always seems like a never ending job. Lovely card, and great technique for the die cut. Hope you are feeling more rested now. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  2. You did a great job of attaching that lacy border to the straight edge! I've done similar things when sewing and found that you have to do it slowly and with patience (not my strong point!). I'm so sorry to hear that your friend's house was affected so badly after the hurricane, poor things.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  3. Three amazing cards, Shaz!!! Love especially the first one, such great use of the border, thanks for sharing your tip!!!
    Lovely photos of the pineapple and the kangaroo :)

  4. Oh Shaz, I am loving that technique. I have to try it. It came out so beautiful. Shhh don't you talk about how many Christmas cards made so far because I have zero. Yes, that's what I said, zero!! It isn't a new date every year, I just manage to procrastinate and then panic around this time of year when I see people making Christmas cards.
    I love your photos. Don't apologize, I love seeing places I have never been.
    I live in the northeastern part of the US and was not impacted by Michael but can't stop thinking of the people affected. What about all of the businesses and the children. Where and when will they go to school again? It's so overwhelming.
    Well I have to run, my boys have a short day today in school and I must do my mommy duties and arrive on time for pick up. Have a blessed day my friend!
    Belinda #25

  5. Thanks for sharing about the way to make your straight die cut curved! Never thought of it, but will be using that now! Lovely cards and always enjoy seeing your photos!

  6. Hi Shaz! Oh I do love your Christmas snippets card - very elegant! Cold foiling eludes me - I recall doing it with glue pens years ago but this is just SO swish! And what a great trick with the curving the edge die cut stuff - as Jan says, I remember doing this when dressmaking ...... many moons ago. Clever you!

    And that pineapple! It fascinates me how they grow again and again. In Thailand they have two crops per year and it always amazes me how wonderful this world is that food is provided - albeit and sadly not always to all - so readily from our land.

    A big lick from Dudley - he's on my craft mat right beside me as it's cool and glass and he likes to stay close at times -what a joy he is. He has pulled me back from a very sad place. And he's often a real pickle of course!!


    Di xx

  7. What gorgeous cards, just beautiful work!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire, no. 1

  8. I very much enjoyed all of your pictures today. You have made great strides in cleaning off of your desk. The cards are absolutely lovely as always. Love the photo of the kangaroo waiting for the sunset! It’s so good to hear from you my friend. I hope you have a lovely day. Blessings, Betsy

  9. Thanks for sharing that idea for adding a straight border to a curved edge. The finished piece looks great. Hope you manage to find those two dies and that the dreaded boxes aren't too much of a job to tackle. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  10. going to start with the sunset, and I love them, and we've had some great ones (although not such gorgeous views) this summer. the cards are wonderful, you are back in the swing of things after your adventure! Helen #4

  11. fabulous cards and new technique shaz.. beautiful photos.. I also love to upcycle old cards..Loz

  12. Hi Shaz, where does the time go! You think you have ages to make Christmas cards and then suddenly realise you haven't. Great photographs and loving your cards too.Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  13. You laid that paper lace like you would in sewing. LOL So pretty and easy way to make straight cuts into curves.

    Have a great week. Dorlene #28

  14. Beautifully edged Shaz, I love how you have recycled those cards. I'm so behind with it all. Fabulous photography, the sweetness of the Kangaroo waiting for the sun to set is so heartwarming. Magnificent views.
    Happy WOYWW & have fun finding everything in your new storage.
    Take Care Tracey #5

  15. What a fabulous up-cycle of the card Shaz, and I love the way you attached the lacy die cut. You are so clever at re-doing cards. Like you, I like to put the true meaning of Christmas on my cards.
    So sorry to hear your friend was so massively affected by the storms. Praying.

  16. Goodmorning.
    thank you for sharing the tip on adding a diecut to a curve. I don't think I've ever even tried. Now you have me wanting to play. Go you! Love the kangaroo! Like seeing deer in my yard. Hope you enjoy more playing time! Creative Blessings! Kelly #26

  17. Great cards and love the pictures! Thanks for visiting!
    Angie #21

  18. So sorry to hear of your friends home and her family's homes being destroyed by Michael. Such destruction all over. Hopefully they can rebuild. I don't what it will take for the US to finally admit that climate change brought on by humans is real. Unfortunately there will be more hurricanes and other climate based disasters to come if nothing is done very soon.
    The lacey edge you did turned out beautifully! And your other cards are lovely as well. I haven't started on my Christmas cards, maybe in November. . .! Have a great week, Lindart #29

  19. Hi Shaz, Loving your cards, particularly the first one.

    Sorry to hear about your friends. I hope they can get the help they need to rebuild.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #7

  20. Hi Shaz, lots of different subjects in your post today. The pineapple plant certainly blossoming! Sorry to hear about your friend's, so much destruction is so sad. I particularly like the gold paste card, very striking, as is your sunset photo. Have a lovely week Heather x #33

  21. Hi Shaz - welcome back to blogland. Lovely cards on your newly tidied desk - well done. The pineapple is looking good - did someone look after it while you were globe trotting? Great Aussie photos today.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  22. Makes it all the more real when you know people affected and especially people you stayed with when disaster hits. Prayers for them all.
    Thanks for the technique, when back is better might have a go at that always good to have a new technique. Lovely cards and I just love the new addition to your family.
    Stay safe my lovely friend.
    Hugs and Blessings, Neet xxx

  23. Your card is so pretty, I don't know that I have tried to put a border on a curve like that before, will have to give it a go :) Christmas will certainly be here before you know that is for sure, I don't have nearly as many done as I had hoped but more than I have had in past years.

  24. Great post, Shaz. What a fabulous technique for a curved lacy edge! What a gorgeous sunset too. I love Ps. 19 and often quote it. Your cards are so lovely. I don't suppose it's that amazing for you but I'd find it amazing to look out of the window and see a kangaroo lol lol!! Thank you for your lovely comment and your good wishes and prayers for my health. I got my deliveries OK but the support pants don't fit (just like the last lot) and I had to contact the rep. She's very cross it's happened yet again and she's sorting it asap. Problems, problems! The whole thing's a bore but I'll get through it! Hoping the surgeon will leave the hernia well alone this time.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #15

  25. I will be praying for Maxine with a heart that will fill in the right words for my prayer. For speed, for comfort, for an ease to frustration, for peace, and speedy work--for her needs to met. Thanks for the tip on making a curved die out of a straight one. Love the pineapple update. Thanks.

  26. Beautiful Cards Shaz! I'm always thinking of you as the season change, once again winter is on its' way here and spring breezes blowing your way! Hugs,
    Ginny M

  27. Wonderful cards Shaz, popped over from the playground to have a closer look. 250mm of rain too wow! That's about double what we had but glad to have any at all. Have a great week, Cathy x

  28. Great technique, I’ll keep that in mind. I also think the design is great for a quick card, using DPs and no colored image.

  29. What beautiful cards! I've never tried the technique with the straight edge die cut, but now I really want to!

  30. Great projects, Shaz. Thanks for stopping by xoxo


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