Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday 29 May 2013

How to make a Gelli Plate or Jelly pad? + WOYWW4

Hullo there everyone... 

and happy WOYWW4 everyone!
.. join us over at Julia's "Stamping Ground" blog  for "What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday".
Today is our big 4th celebration ~ Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
A big congrats, Julia! and have my ATC ready too, for the big swap!
{And aren't Nikki's WOYWW4 cool?}
 And look whose ATC just arrived from the UK - dear, kind Annie!!
Posted 22.5.13 and arrived 29.5.13, how amazing is that? God is good, so is kind Annie, thank you dear friend! how bright and cheery it is! with a lovely card and poem too. As still dont have proper glasses (end of week, God willing) have not made my other ATC's yet but in process on my desk. Did finish my catalogue of all stamps {YAY!} but will show next week as have something else to show you (plus I hope to make a cover).

Well, here on my desk is another surprise... perhaps.. 
WARNING: there is long detail here! You may want to scroll down below if it's not your thing.
Had been thinking for ages to share this with you all, as I have a recipe to make a gelli plate and know they are not available everywhere.
I was reading Lindsay's (Frugal Crafter) post the other day and then saw it on Annette in Oz's blog too so thought had better do it at last - so here 'tis. 
The recipe is from some decades ago now, when I started infant school teaching. Although there were photocopiers around for over a decade then, they were not cheap here. We did not have such fancy copying methods for teaching. This was used with a special printing carbon for copying from jelly pad (as we called it) into books. The carbon would just sink into the pad then you would re-use it for another worksheet the next day. I used the same method for teaching Sunday school, I kept it in the cupboard for many, many years, in warm and cold weather. 
It never goes off ( both sugar and glycerine are preservatives). 
Then stencil carbon not around, they stopped making the metho spirit duplicator stencils. I can still smell the methylated spirits we used with them...that does take me back!
Recipe for Gelli Plate
or Jelly pad ( as we called them, used them in slice tray.
It sets without refrigeration, and kept without refrigeration too):
(Imperial measures used in original, blue is metric, *red is what I used, made *3/5 size)
                                             *Glycerine ~ 12 ounces   - 354.9 ml   *200ml
                                             Gelatine     ~ 2 ounces    - 56.7 gm    *35gm
                                             White Sugar~ 3 ounces    - 85 gm       *51gm
                                             Water       ~ 7 1/2 ounces -213 ml     *120ml
Method: Dissolve half water with gelatine, dissolve half water with sugar. Combine and add glycerine. Stir over heat until dissolved. Set in a 12" x 7" tray.
(or square size 16cm x 16cm) 
{EDIT: *in answer to comments, **glycerine** helps preserve it, as said lasted for years  and NOT in fridge. Also Sugar and salt were used for years before fridges, as preservatives - see Google search link here

 If using this recipe and/ or jelly pad on you blog please kindly link over to this post..thank you.
I am not very expert at using Gelli Plates. In fact really I hadn't much idea, so looked up better guides. I really dont have right paint as need craft or poster paint I think. To see better pieces than my efforts ~ here is a video here or here. 
This gelli plate on the video really is very like this one, except mine is yellowish from the colour of brand of my gelatine and not so big, (I made it 3/5 of original recipe) and not so neat edged. That is only because of my mould.
Ideally a plastic container would be better for removal, as well as finish on edges.
I found out from videos that first lot of work was all wrong, as had not used the paint correctly. I had it way too thick, and did not put in patterns properly..

Don't use sharp objects as put a tiny hole in mine. 
I could easily re-melt if need be though. I would just trim off the coloured stains as they are few, and then reheat in microwave and reset. It however did not seem to affect it at all.

** Query below on bubbles (in comments):
No, if you are careful and not vigorous you end up with very few if any bubbles. It is not really like jam, and small bubbles (if any) are easy enough to pop them before allowing to set. 

If you would like to try another recipe, Lindsay also has another one here on this post.
I made this one as knew it worked in our climate here in Oz, and I had ingredients except for glycerine. 
I bought only 2 x100ml bottles as they were $5.95 each; and did not want a large plate anyway. I am a card maker, not into journals or scrapping.
Here is the Oz shot for the week....
It is of "Marnie's" yellow Hibiscus, flowering beautifully large blooms. Yes, it is sunny here - we are blessed the odd shower, enough to water is lovely as winter approaches. The ground cover is called Golden Sedum, has magnificent yellow flowers in spring, complements the hibiscus.
Thanks so very much everyone for popping over to say hi, for commenting even when I still dont get around to many as I would like, next week!! surely glasses by then.
May God bless your day where you may be... and big happy WOYWW4 everyone!
Shaz in Oz.x 

{EDIT: Saw another way of using same technique without making gel plate at all ~ look over at this Our Daily Bread technique link here really brilliant}

Another great video on using the plate is here on Splitcoasters .

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Upcycling Christmas cards et al

Hullo there everyone!
Well, here is some more of my up-cycling of cards. I think this post takes the cake for making the most of a used Christmas card!!
 Here on left is the original card. 

 On the right, we see the cut out of what is left over. There are the three cards made with three images from the one card. 
Here they are one by one, recipes below. Card 1

Card 1 - Cuttlebug snowflake folder with Spellbinder  classic oval and beaded oval, Martha Steward Pine leaf punch.
Card 2 - Large 5x7 Cuttlebug Snowflake folder with Spellbinders Octagons, MS punch peel off greeting with ribbon/ bling.
Card 3 - Cuttlebug Snowflake border Embossing folder, with same ovals as first card.
Thanks so much everyone for popping over for a peek and chat, and may God bless your day wherever you may be,
Shaz in Oz.x

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Wednesday 22 May 2013

WOYWW Organising Stamps + Baby Cards

Good day one and all! a big happy WOYWW!
.. or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, over at Julia's "Stamping Ground" blog and please do join us all. 
Only one more week and it will be the fourth anniversary for this magnificent world wide blog hop.
I also say am thinking of all those suffering in big storms in Oklahoma, USA - praying for God's comfort and their needs to be met.
My desk in view - but rather on the boring side! Cataloging my 20+ years of stamps is continuing, but on the downhill run, phew!!! All wooden done, unmounted rubber-stamps folder done, just clear some sets left. Stamping all in one colour ink.
Wooden are quicker than unmounted - have a method for cleaning them, as it takes forever otherwise. I have the stamp cleaner with soapy side then drier side the old teatowel, with an old towel underneath the lot!
Have some stamped several times in a number of categories eg Seaside, Male, Scene stamps, etc. and really it is doing this which makes me frustrated as end up re-stamping some after having stamped them once, as add a category - like added "Silhouettes" yesterday! I hopefully will have them added to a loose leaf folder by next week. 
Oh, will have to find time to make some celebratory ATC's before then too!!
Here are two baby cards too with LOTV images on desk some weeks back, these were made before cataract surgery.
For those wondering, was yesterday given a good report from eye specialist - thanks LORD - thanks for prayers and kind thoughts all of you. I go for eye test tomorrow :D with corrected glasses a week after that. Recipes for cards below.
To close here the Aussie photo today -
Our huge red Hibiscus is flowering magnificently - called the Emperor of Japan, enjoying a drink today from our very welcome rain.
Haven't been down there lately but from last week our local beach five mins from here, so lovely, we are very blessed.
Happy WOYWW!
May God bless your day everyone, thank you so very much for popping over for a peek and chat - will try and comment as much as able, Shaz in Oz.x
Card 1 Folder Cuttlebug -  Small hearts from Love set, Cuttlebug Vintage Corner, LOTV image set discontinued, LOTV greetings set, Spellbinders Square set, and lace from stash
card 2 Folder Cuttlebug - Baby, LOTV image set discontinued and LOTV greetings set, Spellbinders Square set.

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Wednesday 15 May 2013

WOYWW + Yellow Red Black OSA Challenge - Plastic Wrap Ink variation

(warning ~ picture heavy, etc.)
 Hullo there everyone.
Before go further just want to announce that finally did the promised PanPastel post down below - so if you want to see it please scroll down or click here - have methods + tips there.
Well, another big BLINK!! and here we are ready for another mid week blog hop on WOYWW, starting over at our hostess’ Julia’s blog - to all the wonderfully inspiring desks around the world. Come and join in the fun at Julia's Stamping GroundHaving some wonderful inky fun here .. over at OSA Card Layout Challenges
they have a colour challenge using  Red, Yellow Black.  
Desk 1 - the night before. I was playing the Barbabra Gray Plastic wrap method - but changed it ( see here for original method)
I used gloss card as she did but used Distress inks not dye (as best red and yellow were DI). Did not brayer but added the ink onto gloss card straight from pad, covering most of white gloss card randomly - adding more red than yellow.
I laid down the water-spritzed crumpled up cling wrap, evening out the colour spread, removing any bubbles. Left it then removed plastic after five mins of drying (not completely dry, just partially). Resulting in no wrinkles as with proper method - the colours, because they were DI, become quite washed out when dry. But have just covered the dry sheets again with neat yellow ink from pad, it then popped all back to life, as shown!
  desk 2.Here they are dried - to left of desk working out the stamped images am going to use, as you can see the end result is softer and almost natural looking.
late 1990's, discontinued but the small unmounted peace Kanji (middle far right) is from Artneko stamps. Two wooden stamps are from Australia in
Wanted a feature embossed piece. Lightly spritz the black card before embossing to get deeper impression, but heat dried it before wet embossing (Sizzix leaves - Embossing Folder) with black card. Used Versamark and red embossing powder, had to double emboss to cover surface area with the lovely molten gloss. 
Here are the two finished cards - first is plainer, has rounded corners (as suddenly found my punch :D from Fred Aldous, Man. UK ) + handmade paper from Paperchase, also in Manchester, UK :D
This one has the EK Success arrow punch on side and few other features.
Will close with our local scene down at our creek (5 mins from here) near the railway bridge. Notice the two surf skis to right in distance, they are standing up. I think they will be sitting down when they hit the rougher water near the mouth of the creek in the distance.
May God bless you day everyone, thanks so very much for popping over for a peek and chat ~  and a very happy WOYWW!
Shaz in Oz.x 
PS. Sorry, for next two weeks return commenting is still limited, but won't be long now!
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Monday 13 May 2013

PanPastel ~ Tutorial, Tips + Ideas

Hullo there everyone,
I have as some of you know this year had a certain birthday (ah, 21! you're so right! :D) and there were some extra special items received called PanPastels (PP).
Thought long and hard about investing in getting these but after conversing with B. or Brenda of Floral Fantasies, was convinced in the end of their merits. She does such lovely work with them and that is what sparked my interest (see here and here) and so did Eileen of Eileen's Crafty Zone - see here and here...
Now I am rather like B. in my use of PP, rather than how Eileen works with them. Eileen seems to go more often for the ultra bright use of them, and B. for scenes, backgrounds, etc. I like to apply them into everyday use.
 I thought would cover few things here, as I  could not find much info when researching, apart from help from Brenda.
Colour Choice:
Brenda said to go for your own choice, not sets and to  buy a dark and light of tones. That is mostly what I did as well as some neutrals. 
In choosing colours just remember you can use other colouring mediums with them. I have used the S.U chalks and Do-craft sets; also I recently mixed dye inks and the PP in colouring.
My motto is "TRY and SEE if it works", as usually it seems too. They are very, very versatile. I was worried about not having enough colours BUT as they blend so well this hasn't ever been a problem.

I chose the any 5 pans for £20.00,  from Oyster Crafts in UK. This Brenda said was the best deal she had found, and I agree. Post cost in UK is free, post cost to Australia was way over budget, so I had it sent to my UK family -> they posted it onto Oz (with my Greek slippers :D). 
As it was going to be one off purchase for me, I chose the 20 pans, plus tray & "Sofft" tools.
Sponges: I like the flat shaped sponges best (using the flat of edge to spread colour), not so much the round flat set, but do use tool for fine areas.
Below have used the Sofft sponge and makeup sponge at front of desk, for comparison.

Brenda said to get the Sofft sponges as they are much denser than regular makeup sponges. I agree but found it curious the makeup sponge (bottom purple line) was just as good as the Sofft sponge for them. I think it is easy in short uses; but long uses would become more difficult as looses shape easily.
 Used above smooth paper, with white embossed French Script background stamp, four colours (at right) to match the image. Actually find almost all paper types work well with PP, so down to personal choice.
 This is linen cardstock with Stampscapes scene ~ stamped first, then coloured with PP.
 Laying down colour:
Colouring is important, working in same way as with brayer is helpful. I use, if doing large area like in the embossed French script background, a light shade as base coat over whole area, then it is much easier to blend with other colours to achieve desired shade.
Darker colours are sometimes rubbed off on scrap paper before adding to mix. You can rub them out but better if dont have to do it,
My father is an artist (see his work here and here), and he often starts canvases with an application of white oil paint (titanium white) on the whole of the canvas before building up his scenes.
Stamp before or afterwards?
Colour Spellbinder shape with PP, then stamped below, with black Archival ink
I could not find any clear help on this question, so have tried both ways, and think mostly afterwards is best.
 When I brayer usually stamp after brayering unless it has masking but with pastels found if you stamped image then coloured you loose some definition. Now some night like the softer look but not sure I do.
card 1 - with flower stamp from Scripture by Design, card sent to a Missionary friend in P.N.G, a good Bible verse for us all. "He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.".
The cards above and below is inked after colouring with pastels. The small sample linen Stampscapes scene card is inked before, so I will let you choose.
card 2 - published before so not entering it in challenges

To seal pastels, or not to seal? 

Usually I do prefer to set the pastels only because I like the look better - just spray several light sprays of hairspray (which Eileen suggests and uses). 
I also use Diamond Glimmer Mist for the light frosted look which I love.
However I think Brenda says she does not.

Well, everyone I do hope this answers your queries on this matter - if any have more queries please ask, as tried to cover the queries which I had.

I will return comment, as much as able again - thanks for your patience :D you are really appreciated!

Thanks so very much for popping over for a peek and chat ~ and may God bless your day wherever you maybe!
Shaz in Oz.x
PS I would like to enter the Flower card in following challenges:
 Edit: Suggestion of using PP with Versamark (with a stamp or) with Plastic wrap was left by comment from "UKMaryanne" on another post, so sharing it here:

scrappystickyinkymess (

I have to admit to a real fondness for plastic wrap as a crafting tool. Have you tried this? Scrunch p a bit, and tamp it onto a Versamark pad, then onto the cardstock. Before it dries totally but after it's not too "wet", dust on the Pan Pastels. Looks really pretty!

EDIT 2: found two great posts - this isone on B.'s Blog - it answers a lot of queries:
and one on Franka's Blog - shows using different toned inks over the PP - with great effect:

Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Anniversary ~ Vellum 3D + Muted Bamboo Artneko

Hullo there everyone!
I did this 3D card ages ago and always adored it - bought the set at the craft fair in Brisbane about 4 years ago. It was set of four by Romak cards in 3D. I have done them all, but not blogged as yet.
 As I was not well when a 30th wedding anniversary came up, I decided to use this one and add the stickers for 30th, etc. Hand embossed the vellum window of card, with embossing tool and simple grid pattern.
To see how to do more on 3D work look on this post here...
This second photo is for me more than anyone else, as was interested to see how I mounted this one ie what size mini squares used and just how. As really liked how this came off.
Here is another card I did a while ago now... I made it as present for my sister as like to give cards away as gifts!
You can see the method of doing the coloured background is the method with cling plastic wrap and ink by Barbara Gray.

The sheet of SU gloss card was coloured with method shown on above link then stamped with Hero arts Linen look background stamp inked it light grey London Fog, the stamped with the Artneko Muted Bamboo with calligraphy banner stamp in Ranger jet black Archival ink, mounted on black card with a coin from Affleck's in Manchester, UK stash with linen thread.. how loved that shop when there. The gorgeous Japanese washi paper was from "Paperchase" in Man. city, UK also.
I would like to enter this card in Di's Snippets Challenge over at the Playground woo hoo! 
The main piece of this card was in my snippets drawer for few weeks, with no idea what to do as there was blot in wrong spot but decided to trim it; hence used in odd shape and really makes it.

Well, thanks so much everyone for popping over for peek and chat, I will return comments as able still two weeks till new glasses...  
May God bless your day wherever you may be.
 Shaz in Oz.x

I would like to enter these in the following challenges:

Wednesday 8 May 2013

WOYWW, Christmas Card Upcycle + Sooty Oystercatcher

(Warning - Picture heavy post)

Good afternoon everyone - yes, probably a different time where you are, but hey! one gorgeous afternoon in autumn here!
If you want to come to Oz ~ come in autumn take a look at this ~ down at our harbour!
Boat in harbour - on zoom, from below spot.

 Full zoom to waters edge ~  on the sand with the seagulls is a Sooty Oystercatcher - the black bird in the centre, with the orange red beak, so long and useful (see more info here) feeds on molluscs and crabs etc. fascinating part of God's creation, aren't they? 
Also some lovely flowers in bloom out the front, the grevillea "Birdsong" - called thus because the birds love its nectar, often has blooms which are tendril-ed with juicy delight.
Okay ~ where is WOYWW (What is on YOUR Workdesk Wednesday) you say?

Here 'tis -  please do pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to join the rest of the crew and learn some things, have a few smiles along the way.
Doing some Christmas cards 'cos way behind schedule on them, and the ones being done dont need fine details, still few weeks before new eye glasses. 
PanPastels with nativity scene done ages ago but not carded up yet, two finished cards, with left over chalks dies etc., from making them. ... plus two monkey say hi as well..
Here is an Upcyplcled card made into two step by step:
One square card saved by rellies from last year - have cut in half to make two cards..
 Card Recipe - Large CB Snowflake Embossing folder, white + purple snippets, ribbon and EK Success arrow punch, bottom one have ODB stamp from Christmas set.
Used PanPastels and SU chalks on greeting above to get right colour.
YES ~ you can mix them. My motto is try and see if it works (within reason of course). Usually you can do things even if some folk say you cant.. or should not.
I will comment as much as able again - thanks for your patience :D you are fab!
Thanks so very much for popping over for a peek and chat ~ and may God bless your day wherever you maybe!
Shaz in Oz.x
I would like to enter these cards in the following challenges:
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