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I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Brayer Fun - Stampscapes + Enlarging Cuttlebug Folders Part 1

Well don’t we just love to play with things, folks? Saw a Stampscapes card on ShazSilverwolf's blog and wanted to do some so out they came!!( see here)

I discovered the brayer and then Stampscapes about a year ago... First the brayer, and then through You tube, I discovered this brilliant lady, Sandy Hulsart (her blog – one of them “Scenes with Sandy” is on the side of my blog under blog list) and if you want a great You-tube video, look here to see her explain. EDIT 2014 - Sandy has taken link off so doesn't work. I have done a video so look here, for sort of an idea.

These first three are brayer ones done with my Stampscapes stamps and the other one has them, plus Victorine Originals.

The brayered colours in all of these are mostly done with my Stamping Up Spots. Well, when I learnt that was all I had. Yes, I know - how do you do it with the spots?

I lined up three spots in row, on a piece of cardboard and fixed them with Blue Tac. They were dye ink spots not the pigment ink ones, but you can do it with pigment ink ones too! I have brayered with these (have Pastel spots in the pigment, my other two sets are dye ink) and then embossed them with embossing powder and then layered things on them. You need to roll the brayer forwards slightly twisting the brayer to get the blank bits covered as well. I use the Stamping Up Glossy White paper for these but have used a variety of papers. Try it and if it works - great! that is my motto.
Brayer background - I think the colours are as follows (did the brayering a while ago):
1.Birthday card – this is brayered from the top end of Kaleidocolor Blue Breeze, with touch of Garden Green (from Stamping up Spots). Stamps are Stampscapes (see site here) Rocks and Grass 301A ,Reeds 067B, Pebbles 256A, Oak branch 203G at the top and a favourite Gulls 302A , Lakeside Cabin small 147F (this is stamped one half on left and other half of it on the right of brayered sheet, so it looks as if you are looking to a gap in the distance).

All are unmounted stamps and makes it heaps cheaper to order; they are really great and have flat rate so if you can get a few friends together it helps that is what I did. Kevin Nakagawa at Stampscapes is really helpful and he sent us ideas cards too which have been great as well as on their website there are heaps of examples and tutorial ideas, I love it
The fine lined papers are from an A4 pack in 5 shades from KMart, “Creativ” brand, mounting on black card.
2. Birthday for brother in law -This is simpler card, notice the background (Cuttlebug folder Herringbone, done in Stamping Up, Blue Bayou paper) is done with by enlarging folder method (see small inset photo below - click on picture, & see the fact you cannot see join in folder at all on this one). If you want to know how to enlarge your Cuttlebug folders, please look for it in the Labels, below this post. Mounted in black card and "Creativ" brand again, and using these stamps – Reeds 067B and 304B, Lakeside Cabin small 147F, and Rowboat 166A. Colours of brayering are Stamping Up Garden Green, Cameo Coral and Not Quite Navy al from the Earth Elements range which are no longer available, (of course).

3. Birthday Card for Dad This brayered with just two colours, Not Quite Navy in Stamping Up and the Garden Green, three stamps - Rowboat 166A, Gulls 302A, Seaside Cove Small 308G.

4. Sunset Card: it is done with the colours of Adirondack that Sandy Hulsart uses on her You-tube video (Purple Twilight, Mountain Rose and Peach Bellini), mounted on the same “Creativ” papers and black cardstock, they seem to match so well. Stamps are the Gulls 302A, Crooked Limb 097E, and Victorine Originals (US) stamps - Grove of Trees; Unmounted Rubber Stamps; 3038 3039 ; these are on eBay and they have great unmounted stamps, top quality, I have just had another of theirs come today. I put a post it note sun on this one and have done it on seaside cove one too.
I have done two more cards but will put them on another post - that is enough for now. They are a different method with brayer (mock marbling) and are tricky to explain so will do another post for them.
Why I like these cards is that they make really great Male cards so I use them a lot for these. They’re so much fun.You never quite know how they are going to turn out and are real exploration of creativity.
Hope this is a help if I have not explained anything or you have trouble with my links please let me know.

{Edited note added - for other posts using Stampscapes stamps on this blog - please click on this link here.   
For the post on Mock Marble done with brayer - click here
The post doing brayer on acetate - click here - all other "brayer" posts click on the "Brayer" labels link below this post - thank you!} 

I am praying much for the folks in floods up north of here. Many homeless and worse still, 72 missing in the unprecedented devastation. We are wet here, but okay, but do have some friends affected so I am praying much for them. May the LORD bless you and those you love and keep you safe, wherever you might be.

Thanks so much for popping over for a look and a chat.
Shaz in oz.x


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Shaz, from Shaz! :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and for the link, that is so nice. I really like your Stampscapes, and the Purple Twilight/ Mountain Rose/ Peach Bellini blend is one I have to try- its gorgeous. I love my Stampscapes, and I agree with you, they make such perfect male cards,and I also love them for Sympathy cards, and for those people whom 'cute' or floral wouldn't suit.
My Brother & his Wife emigrated to Perth in December 2009, and I know they are saddened by the difficulties being experienced by those in the north.
Thanks for visiting me, I will be back soon.

Victorine said...

Beautiful cards! You are very talented! :)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Thanks Shaz and Vicki they are fun, must admit had not thought of them for sympathy cards though!! Shaz in Oz.x

Kevin Nakagawa said...

Great work!

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh my gosh Shaz - these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I've never been able to master brayering - I seem to just make a mess and then somehow it ends up on my face!! Bit like when I have something to eat - no matter how careful I am, I always spill something on myself or on the tablecloth!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog and for your lovely comments about my photos and my Mother's Day card - they really made my day!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Thanks, Jobear, for your lovely words too and do love your pickies you are very talented! You know the brayer is not hard if you remember one thing okay maybe two!
1. DO NOT press hard ie flip the roller, gently roll and flip so it turns the brayer around and not in the one place or too heavy and you get lines. 2. dont load on too much ink, little by little is the way to go. Watch You-tube videos with experts like Sandy Hulsart, a few times and you will get it, I have taught the girls in our craft group and they all have the hang of it now, I think watching helps as that is how I learnt. Eileen my first follower (her blog is at the side, Eileen's Crafty Zone) is another expert and she has some lovely samples on her blog, one today is a stunner as a matter of fact...
Bye and thanks for popping by maybe this has helped?
Love Shaz.x

Eileen said...

Hi Shaz ....cos of you I have just spent a fortune lol :) ... Love the Stamps and can't wait for them to arrive. Went to Shazsilverwolf blog ....gorgeous! too Dead chuffed you called me an expert lol!! xx

lizzy giggs said...

Dear Shaz! Thank you for taking a look at my blog! I was so excited to see your calligraphy - which I also have a passion for! My Dad was taught Gothic in school (I'm not sure why? but it looks awesome)and I have a preference for Carolinian. I am self taught and am very inspired but your beautiful work. Maybe you would consider putting up a few more pictures?

I also appreciate your quiet elegance on your Stampscapes work. Especially the card for your brother-in-law. Very clean and masculine.
Hope to see more!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Thanks so much Lizzy and yes! must do some more calligraphy posts am a bit slack in that department as have plenty to do! actually as going to do my dip pen one on vellum and still not sorted on it..! will make a note to self to do it!
Shaz In Oz.x

Jenny Adams said...

Thanks for sending me the link to this entry... fab!

Georgiegirl2012 said...

Beautiful work - I'm about to invest in a brayer and variegated inkpad and have been browsing for inspiration, hints and tips. Glad I found you xxx

Sheree said...

Gorgeous Shaz! I'm a new follower and love your Stampscapes. I'm a newbie to brayering and am going to try new colour combinations because of seeing your work! Well done!

:)) ...Вика said...

Очень красиво! Прекрасные штампы, очень нравятся работы.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Vika Dolya said...
Very nice! Beautiful stamps, love the work.

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