Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Birthdays + Snippets, NBUS + WOYWW Moved to Sarah's from Julia's

Well, I've had a long hiatus due to two ill periods. On 20th March, I had a lower shin skin graft for a skin cancer. I was still recovering from it when on 12th April an overly friendly virus arrived that hung around for two months. Was very ill in April. Two months later am pretty much over it, praise God. Grateful Easter was early I was still able to post at end of March.

I hopefully will make this brief?! Apologies as is difficult! It's WOYWW or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday I need to show a desk! Several as made a host of cards before op on 20th March, thankfully made cards all the way to July!! Just as well, I didn't know I'd be so sick but God did. The mantle for WOYWW has passed in May from our wonderful Queen of Desks Julia of the Stamping Ground to Sarah after 15 glorious years! So pop over to Desks of the world here at Sarah's Craft Shed hopefully I did it correctly!

Sarah & I met at crop in Sept 2018. She is a most wonderfully talented crafter, I'm extremely grateful for her willingness to take over. I'm sadly sporadic in my attendance to WOYWW but love to pop in when health permits. 

Desk 1 & 2 shows making of ladies cards with a new set of stamps and dies. A dear friend gave me an Amazon voucher for my birthday, so using Origarch greeting set and painting up flowers stamped with my new Prima metallic accent watercolour paints, another birthday (from Feb) present. 😊 

The next desk is card being created for Mister 11 who happens to love Cricket, is brilliant at it playing well above his age . As his birthday is 11yrs  the stumping with two stumps standing still showed an 11!

Here's finished cards...

These are mostly birthday cards for April and May. I 3D'ed a Google image here.

For a dear friend who loves RED! EF is by Altenew. Stamp set a NBUS.
It was a certain sisters very special birthday, everyone was there but 😔 I was too unwell to be there in person sadly. At least I'd made a special card. 
This snippets card was a reject brusho piece in reject drawer. Was accidentally debossed with clear ink.. instead of embossed so I then brayered it with gold acrylic paint and made frames of image and greeting to match it. All but base snippets, frames are with cereal box card, painted.. My favourite verse stamp. "With God All things are possible."
A vellum card painted with Prima metallic on reverse with and frames to match. 
Now to Aussie photos. I'm sorry not many as life has been quiet. Firstly a pineapple in our pineapple patch.
Next is a Harleqin beetle, very pretty but actually a pest to citrus.
However he escaped. 😊

Also the white with pink tips camellia flowered for the very first time.
Lastly the requisite sea view, I had to go all the way back to Feb 20th for this.
We have had stunning weather like this for our winter but I've not been out and about. No walking since March. I enjoy it in our courtyard each day though. 
Finally the end of my marathon WOYWW post with Sarah.  I'm glad I can meet up with all my friends still so thank you very much to Sarah and Julia, you're both on my prayer list each day.
May God bless your day wherever you maybe and keep you safe. Happy WOYWW 😊. 
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x.
Thought for the Day:
This verse has always meant a lot to me especially in times of trouble with ill health. It's a blessing to remember that all things work for our good, God's good, in the long run and our Heavenly Father is our stronghold in our troubles,  no matter what. Yes, my anchor will hold in the storms of life!

I'd like to link these up with the following:
3. Word Art Wednesday Anything Goes, five cards, red and prayers card in floral and rest as shown on blog.
4.  Allsorts Challenge blog - Flowers or Anything Goes. (red floral). Greeting set is by Origarch and flower die set is a CCD from 2018. Ie no name brand. The embossing folder background is by Altenew paints by Prima Metallic.

Sunday 31 March 2024

"He is not here, for He is Risen, as He said". (+ Snippets, NBUS, Allsorts Challenge)

First of all, though, thanks to all who care enough to pop over  and say Hi. Things are very topsy turvy health wise this past month and look like being that way for a while. Sorry I wont perhaps be as active at returning comments,.

Dear Ones, well today is a day of great rejoicing as my title shares.
Can you imagine the great sorrow of the women and disciples upon the first day of the week? 
They thought all was lost - Jesus was dead upon the cross of Cavalry, and buried in stone tomb!
"Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them. 
And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre.
And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.
And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments:
And as they were afraid, and bowed down their faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?
He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee,

Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.
And they remembered his words,Luke 24:1-8 (emphases mine)

I think this image of an empty tomb encapsulates the work of the cross the death, burial and resurrection of the LORD Jesus Christ, the Son of God our sin-bearer on the cruel tree at Calvary - there the LORD Jesus died for you and me!
How rich we are in Jesus if we truly know Him as our own Saviour from sin and love and serve Him.. 
A hymn came to mind as I think upon today, Resurrection Sunday, and as verse 2 says the day of Hus appearing will come at last - one glorious day He’s coming back again! for He promised (John 14: 1-6)! I so look forward to His coming AGAIN!

 It is I serve a Risen Saviour... may it bless your heart as it did mine.
I serve a Risen Saviour by A J Ackley 
I serve a risen Saviour, He's in the world today;
I know that He is living, whatever men may say.
I see His hand of mercy, I hear His voice of cheer,
And just the time I need Him, He's always near.

He lives, He lives! Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way.
He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know He lives?
He lives within my heart!

2 In all the world around me I see His loving care;
And tho' my heart grows weary, I never will despair.
I know that He is leading thro' all the stormy blast;
The day of His appearing will come at last. [Refrain]

3 Rejoice, rejoice, O Christian, lift up your voice and sing
Eternal hallelujahs to Jesus Christ, the King!
The Hope of all who seek Him, the Help of all who find,
None other is so loving, so good and kind. [Refrain]

To Him alone be all the glory, honour and praise, with much thanksgiving for Resurrection day!
Shaz in Oz.x

Hymn sung below by Mennonite Youth choir link HERE if not showing 
Now to some cards, as most of my cards are snippety, its always hard to pick a snippets card. The first one is  the most snippety! 
Green piece was a watercolour piece done ages ago, added versamark ink on EF & accidentally debossed with poppy stamps folder, so could not use it as intended. 
Recently saw it in "use it!" box desk. Thought, Mm, brayer the beautiful gold acrylic paint over the top, see what happened!? This is it! 
The frame was already cut to right size! that's God's goodness! from a natural coloured cereal box, painted it with same gold acrylic paint. Verse was stamped & gold embossed ages ago, a wooden Stampendous stamp, a favourite verse of mine - "WITH God, ALL things are possible." Mtt 10:26 Frame is a Kaisercraft die. MB butterfly Pippi disc.
Links below to challenge.
Next card - is with vellum, I was given some Prima metallic accents paints for Feb birthday, I've really enjoyed making a lot of cards with them. Have many in wings which hope to share in months to come as health permits.
The frame, punch butterflies (Kaisercraft large, small unknown) and back of embossed vellum were painted with these paints, the frame and one above are Scrapdragon brand, an Aust online company. CB embossing folder disc long ago. Again my favourite bible verse stamp. Used NBUS Prima Iridescent watercolour paints!
Two more cards, I made a number of these, with this NBUS flower stamp die set.
is an encouragement one with Hero Arts hugs and prayers.
The floral stamp set is disc., though a NBUS! as is mixed Oligagarch (sp?) greetings stamp die set, that was bought recently on Amazon!
 No longer available! I think the EF on background is Altenew 3D folder from memory. Added light spatter in colours used to paint them, with a bit of the gold as well.
These are all NBUS so will pop over to Darnell's challenge. 
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3. Allsorts Challenge over here CAS or Anything Goes encouragement card is a favourite and it's CAS
 4. I'd also like to link these cards over to this wonderful challenge- Word Art Wednesday- Anything goes

Friday 29 March 2024

Illuminated Work + Why is Good Friday Good?

  Hullo there everyone! 
Hanging on my bedroom wall is a printed Illuminated text. A lot of my texts are similar to it as  is the book I learnt from see - here it is
Isn't it a beautiful verse? 
It is the true reflection of what occurred on Good Friday all those years ago. On a rocky hillside, in sorrow and pain, a young Man shed His blood on a cross - a shameful, sinful death.
Years ago (over 50) I well remember my sister's teacher and I were on a beach hillside near where I live now, and she asked if I knew why Jesus had died? 
I said, " No."
.. and so she told me He had died for my sin, and the sins of everyone. 
Now I was a child.. and you may wonder - how a child can have sinned?
.. but believe you me, there was not argument at all from me on that point.
I knew I had done wrong.. and that was sin.. but that Jesus had died to take away my sin totally blew me away. 
That memorable day, when I saw Jesus on the cross for my sin, has lived evermore for me in these words of this hymn.
 There Is A Green Hill Far Away
There is a green hill far away, without a city wall,
Where the dear LORD was crucified, Who died to save us all.

We may not know, we cannot tell what pains He had to bear,
But we believe it was for us He hung & suffered there.  
He died that we might be forgiven, He died to make us good,
That we might go at last to Heaven, saved by His precious blood.

There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin,
He only could unlock the gate of Heaven, and let us in.

Oh, dearly, dearly has He loved, & we must love Him too, 
And trust in His redeeming blood & try His works to do. 
By C.F. Alexander
  This is a hymn from my childhood - link here or see below.

Jesus is our Living Redeemer, Saviour and Friend - if we have sought salvation in Him, the Lord Jesus.
"God sent His Only Begotten Son into the world that we might live through Him."
1 John 4:9
This is why Good Friday is Good.
By faith in Him we have the certain hope of life forevermore with Him. 

The Easter story. The gift of His transforming love. The reminder of what Jesus has done for us.
His sacrifice brought us life.
Taken from a Dayspring e-card
There is sadness in the story. There is pain in the story. There is death. But there is more. The whole story includes the beauty of Easter. 
The triumph. 
The joy.
I would dearly love that all who read this might know that Beauty, Triumph, and Joy.. in Jesus.

I would like to close with a very early Illuminated text done in the early 1990's. 
(sorry, it is very poor "best-can-do" enhanced image - bad flare from old camera, etc. not digital.)
 The observant among you will realise it's the verse done on the header of my craft blog. 
It is also on the very first post I did on my craft blog, back here, better photo there too of different one.
(I have done it four times now, three different colours, and one was duplicate of one on the header.
This, the original is the one and only one done in Aluminum leaf - very hard to work with but will not tarnish like silver leaf.)
May we all take time to ponder the importance of these words of the Lord Jesus, as He speaks to each of us - it will help to keep life with a real perspective. 
"What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his own soul?"  
Mark 8:36
Zip, zero, zilch is the answer... 
The whole world will profit us nothing.
This is the whole key to Easter... Eternity... and what counts for eternity. 
May we live this truth.
 May God richly bless you wherever you maybe and thank you SO much for  making my day - being real encouragers!
Shaz in Oz.x
Personal update:
This post was originally done here here on my other blog, I'm not well so I'm not up to writing new posts at the moment. When I am quiet that is the usual reason. 
 However when we look at what Jesus suffered for us at Calvary, none of our suffering, though severe at times, can compare to those moments when (in the garden of Gethsemane) Jesus "sweated as it were great drops of blood, saying, "If it were possible ley this cup pass from me, nevertheless not My will but Thine be done." 
AND when Jesus cried out, "My God, My God, WHY hast Thou forsaken Me". 
It was at that moment our sins were on Jesus on the cross, and God the Father turned His back on God the Son. 
Depths of spiritual and physical suffering none but Jesus know.(see Isaiah 53 for prophecy of all this)
All for us!

 Would like to join these over with: Word Art Wednesday - here

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Male cards Shells 3D Embossing multi technique + Serviette Card + WOYWW + Snippets

 Warning- photo overload... again!

Well, true to my promise (or hopeful promise), this is my next monthly post! And believe you me, WARNING - loads of cards here, mostly so I remember what I've done! Lots of male cards early in year so try to use one idea as leaping off point, this time every card is different. Link each of techniques used. Several desks to share at Julia's WOYWW - What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Desk one with gessoed embossed foil (see link here) Don't have gesso so used watered down texture paste, worked just fine. The 3D EF was bought from Poppy Stamps, but was originally Sizzix 3D EF, both called "Shells". Male cards for 2024 but are different techniques so far! From this technique I learnt how to lightly brayer a fine layer of gold acrylic paint, so used it on a number of various techniques as the gold highlights it beautifully. NOTE: first time I did it made gold layer too thick. It's not shown in video technique, but prayer with trial and error won out. Don't give up too soon on a technique - I've learnt the hard way.
Desk 2 shows the embossed watercolour with DI then brayered gold highlights on top.

First card was this new technique (Splitcoast Stampers link here), it looks better in some lights/ angles than others. 

Alcohol ink on Alfoil (kitchen aluminium foil variety) backed on heavy cereal box card (NOTE: attach foil with tape, so doesn't move about). Texture is from a shell 3D Embossing Folder. At end brayered on top to highlight with very thin layer gold acrylic paint to catch the highlights. Greeting diecut out of another similarly coloured piece of foil on card.
Above watercolour technique on card 2.
Card 3 and 4 were actually brusho snipppets and used this technique blogged here with black Versafine on Embossing Folder (EF). One brayered with gold acrylic highlights and the other copper highlights.
This fifth card instead of black used on EF (Embossing Folder) tried a blue Distress Oxide, Peacock Feathers (?) you always have to do several lots of inking on folder no matter how inky your pad is, 3 to 4. Liked this one and while it was still wettish, added some iridescent EP but doesn't show much. Will try this again, was the last technique tried! 😍 
Last male card is again alfoil technique, my very first attempt where messed up paint application (so bit more golden!) but still managed to rescue it. The greeting is stamped on thin layer of cork too.
This is all male cards but first one, as it was already in Brisbane!
What was interesting is how varied this 3D folder could be made!

Next is a group of ladies cards all made with Serviettes, two are glittery.

One was blogged in last post but share a new card. The two glitter ones have DST with TH Rock candy glitter on them, all with assorted die cuts - most of mine now are disc. The purple one with butterfly is for my friend who loves them both!  My new favourite easy way to adhere very top layer of serviette to card is with spray adhesive. It's way easier! Last card (phew).

It's a Golden Wedding Anniversary card, the creamy Diecut was a gift from Marilyn in US, so coloured it with Gold Perfect Pearls. Greeting on computer, but frosted card meant had time to heat emboss in gold EP.

Now to some Aust photos.

The scene ones are from friend on FB post but are from here.
The rose is Apricot Delight (I think, lost label?) in garden at various stages. It has been as very hot here - just as it has been very cold in northern hemisphere. My nephew in Norway had great fun (not!) digging their car buried in very deep snow!

Thanks so much for popping over and saying hi, may God bless your day wherever you maybe.

Prayer hugs,
Shaz in Oz.x 
Thought of the day:
"Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." Proverbs 29:18
Do you ever look at the way your country is going and despair... things are so different  NOW!
Or so it seems, yet this verse was written by King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived (who fell into folly despite his great wisdom).
Depite this, God's word is truth. This truth reverberated then in Solomon's time, in Jesus' day hundreds of years later and now our day two millennia later!
..  but surely it can be encouraging!
I am but one, but if one walks in obedience to God's Truth and teaching, God promises us we will be happy in it, not necessarily for it though! 
Or as Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:18
"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."

AND I AM thankful in it, despite the daily struggles - I am so very blessed, especially in counting my blessings and name them one by one.
Praise Him!

Linking up also with:
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2. What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Over HERE at Julia’s 
3. Snippets playground 😃 over HERE! Male Card (fifth) with Peacock Feathers,  it was a brushos Snippet on back of a cereal box made ages ago. Loved how it turned out.
4. NBUS Challenge. The Alfoil Technique is new = never used before Schtuff, as is the Shell folder too. Link here
5. Allsorts Challenge -  anything goes option - Serviette card with glitter,  purple and butterfly! 

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Lunar pastes,+ 3D Embossing folders, Serviette Card, WOYWW, NBUS, Snippets

 Warning! Photo overload!

 Well, here is 2024! That happened in a blink?!! now rocketing through the 2020's, I decided, God helping me, was going to blog once a month. So here is January! I am not sure how long it will last. 

As it is Wednesday & is desk day! See "What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday", over HERE 😁 at Julia's .. so where’s my desk!?

This morning I was doing some old fashioned stamping with a Stamp-a-ma-jig, even though using an unmounted stamp (a very annoyingly made unmounted stamp - crooked on front image to back, but beautiful so I persist). Doing the old way is safer in having it straight, and shock horror! I'm making Christmas cards for 2024. I don't want to be as behind this year - last year was appalling. Next desk!

This is yesterday's desk, with Mister 14, we had great fun playing with lunar pastes, brayered on with embossing folders and die cuts, these are four cards he made! three with blue green lunar paste and deep blue solar paste for extra brilliance on turquoise, and purple orange and ? on other card. Dies all disc. but two folders 3D are NBUS & first use, floral (poppy stamps) and geometric Altenew folder (two cards on last image)
Desk no 3!

Now to my cards since last shared, quite a few. Some are remakes, needed a number of cards for a present for a very special lady, but first one is complete NBUS as used spectrum noir iridescent pens - see above desk, with a Poppy Stamps 3D Marigold Embossing folder. Both were Christmas presents. Saw technique on this video HERE, but I don't have right gold ink so did it on gold frosted cardstock, much easier. 😆

These are card techniques have been done before, some watercolor and stencil techniques. Designs though are slightly different to previous shares. 

Last two cards are out of my snippets drawer for “cards in a hurry”, the gumleaf birthday is a serviette card (alas only had one of these serviettes sooo beautiful), with SB border die and the watercolour sailboat is using gloss card with markers added ink colour, plus later blending, stamping a Darkroom Door stamp for male 80th card, verse stamp is Stampendous.

Now to Aussie photos, some roses, a one day cactus flower and fuchsia.

Last photo is your beach fix, on a walk some time ago.

I was horrified how long it I since I've taken photos, life has been too busy. I have a welcome summer visitor in ten days, so won’t be around much for rest of month, hence joining on first WOYWW. 

It is officially 12years since I first joined WOYWW! Yippee!

Thanks so much every one for popping over for a peek and chat!
May God bless your day wherever you may be. 
  Will do my very best in commenting, and truly appreciate your visits!

Shaz in Oz.x 

PS if you're struggling to comment on a mobile device like I was, select use Web version, it usually fixes all but embedded comment boxes that don't have anonymous activated. Those ones are impassable on mobiles.

Thought of the Day 

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."

 Psalm 90:12.

Tomorrow is the 4th January, 2023 and 58 years ago was the most momentous day of my life!

 After learning this passage:
 (1 John 1: 7-9: "If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin
If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.") 
I was walking back to the tent with my sister’s teacher (yes, we camped here annually for over 20 years, near the beach where I now go swimming).
It was the Children's Special Beach Mission. They came there each year, run by Scripture Union, or CSSM as we called them...
My sister’s teacher was asking me as we walked back if I knew what these verses meant. 

Being 12, I had not really given it deep thought, but as we walked she explained how Jesus had died for all our sins, including mine on the cross and asked me if I would like to take Him as my Saviour. ?
To which I said yes, and so here is the spot (today’s photo) of where I prayed and asked the LORD Jesus to be my Saviour all those years ago. It is kind of hallowed ground to me. I remember I was told that the angels were rejoicing in heaven over a soul coming to Him, for forgiveness of sins.

My mother burst into tears when I went back to the tent and told her.
Years later (in my 20’s) I asked her why, she said because you looked so happy. And I was. I went down to the beach and sang my head off!! 
The promise of my home in heaven was what I had found, and a Friend Who would never leave me nor forsake me! No wonder I was so happy. I have found joy where joy would not be possible, in the simple faith of a child believing God and His word, and He has never EVER failed me.   

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2 the Marigold 3D is NBUS, as are Thomas’ two cards with NBUS EF.
3. Allsorts challenge Anything Goes Allsorts
4. Linking over to Snippets playground with the Snippets drawer sailboat 80th card, as all snippets except card base.see here
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