Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday 31 October 2012

WOYWW and some news

Hullo everyone. 
Well has been a rather sad time for the folks in US east coast, in the storm  area from ex-hurricane, Sandy.
My thoughts and prayers are with any out there who maybe affected. Am just very grateful my family who were there a few weeks back are now home safe again.

Here we are, another week, halfway through already! So tis time for WOYWW or What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Please join us at Julia’s wonderful blog of the Stamping Ground to sticky beak peek at the glories of desks of the world! 
 Here is my desk today - mm, there is a snippet to the left front which hope to finish for Di's snippet challenge all being well.
And yes, some way remnants of last week's work there.. if you remember I had some stamps just newly arrived.
The bundle from Artneko (here is a set of 9 ATC stamped images, and Muted Bamboo too the top left).
Such amazing ones, and have been busy stamping them, and hopefully colour a few with my Caran D'ache pencils at the ready.
Hard to chose which one! 
 As you can see have my two helpers there too all ready to partake in WOYWW!
 A couple more pickies of some flowers here in our local town.
 These glorious orchids were a gift to me from my neighbour post surgery earlier in the month, picked from their huge orchid house! Some gorgeous specimens in it as you can see from these Cymbidiums.
 These are from the Botanic garden I clicked on my mobile on a walk a few weeks ago now..
"the Penstemon flowers - beautiful shades of pink.." according to Elizabeth, below comment thank you :D
That's all from me today off to do some more jobs, several doctors appointments, all clear for eyes though! :D
I maybe missing next week because of more medical things..

Thanks so much everyone for popping over for peek and chat.
May God bless your day wherever you may be,
Shaz in Oz.x
P.S. Keep your eyes peeled as there should be an anniversary candy, all being well, TOMORROW!!!! :D

More Finland photos on post below, as well as brayering tips.

Saturday 27 October 2012

Brayer Used With Dragonflies + Finland

Warning ~ long, picture heavy post~
Hullo there everyone!
Hope your weekend is travelling along well! another lovely day here, but we need the rain.Today am going to share another one of my brayer cards with a different method. 
I also want to say before you all sigh despondently at the thought of the brayer - I have post in the pipeline with brayer tips listed. 
As Sandy Hulsart has removed her wonderful brayer video, I really should do something, so I can continue giving folk a link. If am brave enough may even try a video after Christmas. However this post will have few tips too.  :D
I embossed gloss card and the Dragonfly embossing folder (K Kingdom), then brayered with Kaleidacolor Riveria, (see below). Added stamped images in Archival ink from Stampin' Up Oriental set. Used Labels Large from Spellbinder extended; mounted them on black card and cut a highlight around by hand. After printing computer generated greeting on the card, scoring below it adding three black brads to left, adding the mounted pieces on small pop ups.
Here I am just starting the card, brayering on padded area (I use junk mail). Often when at this stage I have no clear idea where it is going..

After embossing to this stage I thought, Mm, that looks okay, how about extending the embossing to end and doing image on end??

 Now generally folk freak out about lines with brayering, so here I just wanted to show you can get rid of most of them if you are patient.
Almost all evidence of white division between folder and stamped images is covered by further brayering..
 And as you notice the Kaleidocolor pads blend well together. Use the brayer over the full width moving it up and down a little so colour is well distributed on brayer. Then firmly but gently (an oxymoron, but hope you will understand) brayer it on the gloss cardstock.
That's end of tips for now - if want more on "BRAYER TIPS" click on labels at the bottom of this post or here, and there is promise of more tips. :D

This card is for one of my family in UK, who took me over to Finland as  real treat when I was staying with them. See previous post, click here.

As this card is for Jules, (who really likes dragonflies) I wanted to share some more of the lovely time at the lake near Vihti, in Finland; and also at the family home of their friends in Helsinki. 
First lot are at the lake, second at Vihti and last three at Helsinki. 
If you "click" on photos, they will enlarge for you.
Lakeside cabin!
Sunshine! 7c max. first day, 15c second day.
Two birds (?) on roof of sauna.
Icy water, which looks like waves.
Red Squirrel (I think) in Vihti
Church in Vithi, someone throwing a snowball maybe??
 A ruin from 8th cent (?) in Vihti
Okay, this is serious wood collecting, but it is FINLAND!
Snow, and more snow - icy hard!
 ah, spring has sprung - God's beautiful handiwork, in Helsinki!

Well, everyone thanks so much for being so patient and most of all for popping over for a peek and chat and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x

Friday 26 October 2012

To Trick or Treat?? What is Truth?

Hullo there everyone!

I was trawling though my emails today when I cam across this email from my friend which showed her latest post. Now what is about to be said wont win any popularity contests.

This post Is Halloween a Trick or a Treat? on Anne's blog Inka~A~Doodle~Do has a very good history to the background of it all, from both sides. So if you want really good info with much clearer detail do pop over, please.

What puzzles me is the way it is taken up so willingly these days and put into every nook and cranny of our lives. In fact this often causes me to be very sad as I see so much of here in Australia, and on the net.

Anne's article set me to thinking ~ WHO is the one tricking us into this tricking and treating??? 
Anne points this out clearly, giving good historical and Biblical backgrounds to both views on it.

Flowers from our Frangipani tree - God's glorious creation we enjoy daily!
As to the WHO - there is only one answer:

Jesus Himself said Satan was the father of lies from the beginning!
.. and surely this sadly is another of his lies.

Tricking people into thinking it is a treat to do this sort of thing.

It is not a treat - but a trick!

And as Anne says (and the Bible says too) what is not of God, comes from the one who seeks to deceive us all - Satan.

Anything to take us from the truth of God.
"Jesus said, When you shall know the truth, the truth will set you free...  
..I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me." (John 8:32, 14:6)

As I said at the beginning of sharing this sort of thing will not be popular. However this is not new.
The Lord Jesus when He came, not all He said and did was necessarily popular.

 He came to tell us the Truth,
 to live in His Life before us that Truth,
 because He is that Truth.
May we all likewise follow Him in that Truth,
all our days,
with all our heart.

"Thank you LORD for the gift of salvation by faith in our dear Lord Jesus Christ.

Please Lord, Open the eyes of those who do not see past temporary pleasures of this world, and look to this gift of LIFE for them. 
Those of us who have sought Your gift of salvation, may we be faithful to You and Your precious Word.                           In Jesus name, Amen. "

God bless you Anne and especially bless this faithful word for Him,

Shaz in Oz.x

Wednesday 24 October 2012

WOYWW + Artneko stamps + Sarn's Snoopy

Hullo there everyone.
Here is my desk... or actually dining table as craft room is demolition area and if tried to put these on it you would not see them and wanted to share them properly.
Two piles of loveliness - first here are the Snoopy stamps inked out from Sarn.. I admired them here on her blog and she very kindly offered to send me some and sent this lovely card as well- see here, better photo of pear card - thank YOU Sarn (Sandra of Stamping with Pleasure) - see Snoopy card here!

The next lot of loveliness is the bundle from Artneko - such an amazing ones from new site. I found saw it on my friend Anne's "Ink~a~Doodle~Do" blog and  she won a prize for her effort and soo lovely.. see here.

Then also saw them on Lindsay's blog.
To see their stamps, especially ones on 50% off sale at present  L@@K here - and if you mention Lindsay Weirich's blog the Frugal Crafter, here, you can get an extra 10%!
These are the two which I bought and are on my desk today...the ATC set - Gorgeous NINE stamps in all and the Muted Bamboo and Calligraphy banner (how could I resist?? :D) AND Annette gave me a free stamp, PLUS a piece of the lovely Japanese Washi paper, and card/envelope with back ending, plus a cute bag the free stamp came, and a 10% of for next visit.. mm, think there may be one.. ;D
For those of you wondering where I am ie not doing WOYWW recently, I have not been best (eye surgery). I have also found being unwell loosens your resolve not to buy things as have been bit bad.. I cant wait to try out thse newly mounted treasures - thanks Annette, great efficient post all the way down under!!

Artneko have a very good run down on how to mount with foam-see here. I love the way they talk about separating stamp pieces and make it like a jigsaw so you can either use it as a whole or individually easily.. see half way down link above... 
Also idea of using glycerine to clean gunk off scissors works a treat.. great tips page. Yes mine are already mounted that is something I am usually good at ...
Oh and if you remember me starting a Stampscapes card a month or so ago with the corner that weren't corners :D, I have posted it and some shots from Finland visit on post below..
Those of you wondering why a desk is on view please join over at the lovely Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground for What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday! I may not get around to you all much this week, sorry!

Thanks so much everyone for popping over for peek and chat.
May God bless your day wherever you may be,
Shaz in Oz.x
PS Keep your eyes peeled next week as there should be an anniversary candy coming up all being well; and here are couple of Aussie shots for you too   :D
Flame tree and Jacaranda in street up in top town. I spied when out shopping last week and clicked it on my mobile to share with you.
The creek at low tide - October school holidays.. our springtime :D

Saturday 20 October 2012

Stampscapes ~ More Lakes for Finland!

Hullo there every one!
Way back here on this WOYWW post - see here, I showed you the beginning of this Stampscapes card ( stamps are - Lakeside Cabin small 147F, Gulls 302A, Reeds 067B)
Sunset is with brayer work and Stampscapes images ~ done with the colours of Adirondack that Sandy Hulsart used on her You-tube video (now deleted), to see how it is done see my video at the bottom of this post.(inks are Purple Twilight, Mountain Rose and Peach Bellini)
Also I showed how made the framed corners, on this WOYWW post HERE, with Fleur De Lis square Spellbinders in black card, cut largest die and then separated into four.
The embossing folder is supposedly called "Ripples" (but not found anywhere online, so no idea really - any ideas out there?).  
{Edit added: -  is called Japanese Scales and based on a typical Japanese pattern - thanks Anne :D, sending big blog hugs, see in comments!}
I bought it on eBay, it was listed as "Ripples". I didn't know it hadn't a cover and thus proper name on it (it had it in tiny print on eBay listing) - I really like to have them. It has Cuttlebug stamped on it, nought else.
Printed the greeting first of all on the computer
I extended the embossing as usual, and double scored at base of embossing. 
Coloured edge of purple card to match with the Purple Twilight, as had none to match it.
I would like to enter it in the following challenges (apart from Di's above):
1. Charisma Cards Challenges  -  Clean and Simple
2. Cards Galore Challenges - Anything Goes!
3. Simon Says Stamp Challenge - Favourite things.
Spending time with family and friends is definitely a favourite thing; to be in this place (see below) was rather a dream. Plus adore this Stampscape image it is favourite stamp as my blog posts show shows!!
This card is a thank you to send to the folks in Finland. My family and I stayed with on a visit there. They're great friends of family and the time chosen to catch up happened to be while I was over.
SOOOO they took me over as a great BIG surprise!
I found out the night before we were to fly out to Helsinki to stay with them on the lake (hence the Lakeside card). We arrived at midnight their time (think it is two or three hours behind UK) and it was like a magic place as there was still snow on the ground in parts. That seemed too incredibly exciting to me! God was very good to me and my family were incredibly kind, as were the folks with whom we stayed!

I will share you a few of the magic shots of God's glorious creation down below, so you can see how beautiful it was - this was mid April and first day was 7C max but second day was 15C, and so lovely!  
They made us so welcome - I loved it.
This was the only fish caught that day, when Rob and Bastion went fishing! they had me tricked - I thought it was a fish till they landed it! yes, the water was still partly icy...but melting.
Some flowers on my walk- aren't they beautiful?? it was spring time :D

Sun setting on the lake, one of the 188,000 in Finland - near  Vihti.
And the night sky!! WOW - I finally saw a decent night sky.
Here in Oz, we are so very blessed to see these awesome starry nights all the time.. so sparkly and bright compared to yours in UK. 
However up to this point had seen some only one night in Manchester - that was in three visits of five weeks per visit!
Such and awesome time - wont say how many photos I took, but show just a few!! my first trip photos, apart from WOYWW ones are over here!!
Thanks so much for popping over for a peek and chat, and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x 
PS. I want to welcome my latest Wonderful Encourager, Aussie Annie, see her blog here! Annie, thank  YOU so very much for encouraging me and making my day! :D
PPS. Oh and Di, card was made pre-op in case you think these are super quickly recovered eyes :D and post done mostly before too..
To see how I made the background for this card, you can see it here:

Tuesday 16 October 2012

3D Rose with Embossed Lace Frame

Hullo there everyone! thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers - all really appreciated! and mending impatiently still! another two weeks and go back to Opthamologist. I will be able to get new glasses then which will be great.
To my card! One way to emboss with dies for mounts of work rather than cutting them to give a totally different effect.
Used 3D Studiolight Rose Frame2 and separated pieces.
As these are pre-cut they make life much easier! this one is lovely.
 Use 3D mounts to layer up the layers starting from the bottom, making sure the shaping is covering the right areas of layer underneath.
Now is confession time - I attached this lovely 3D rose to the beautiful frame which comes with the pack and I was using glossy accents to give it the rose  some highlight.. 
...and splot! it blobbed on the wrong spot and wrecked the frame, it curled up. 
I should have used Gloss Kote with brush as I did on the other one in this set
I put it to one side to dry and think about it for a while, this is what resulted.. 

Cut around dried outline of the 3D rose. 
Use Lace Classic Rozette Die with brushed gold cardstock and embossed with tan mat.( I did not cut this, but emboss only)
Did test run first on scrap paper to see if this worked.  Took embossed gold card and carefully cut around the edge of Lace Rozette to give a flat frame to mount the 3D rose. Mount cut rose with double sided tape.

Cut a piece of  blush coloured card to size. Emboss with cArt-us Trendy Braid embossing folder and slightly distress surface to make pattern pop. (Love this folder - weave folders are really versatile). 
Add the embossed paper to white card add then the spiral lace die with the 3D rose on top with 3D mounts. Attach lovely lace from Kaisercraft white lace pack to bottom of the card as shown above.
Just a note  re. Glossy accents- they are great on 3D, as they were used them on this card here - but should not be used when there is frame with gold on it like this one. With the Gloss Kote you can direct gloss shine for finish more carefully with the brush, rather than the tip.
I would like to enter this card in:
1. A brand new Aussie challenge - Scrapbook Boutique (dont they look yummy?)
(Please note: This challenge & Blog Hop is only open to Australian residents with an Australian delivery address - sorry we do not ship Internationally.)
The Challenge:
Inspiration : 

Challenge : Create a project using the photo as your inspiration.
The project can be a card, a scrapbook layout or off the page's totally up to you!
2. Simon Says Stamps - Your Favourite ... anyone who has been to my blog will know that ROSES are a huge favourite of mine!
3.  365 cards: day 229 - Favourite things also! and yes,  love lace, love pink and roses too!
And to all WOYWW-er's,  still not up to commenting as I like to do so wont link up again this week.. but will peek around and occasionally say hi! 
Thanks so much for popping over for a peek and chat, and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Huntsman Spiders, Gumnuts + Christmas Card ~ Marianne Designables Frame

 For card challenge please scroll down- ta!! :D
Hullo there everyone!!
 Firstly a big thank you for all good wishes last week after cataract surgery am slowly, but impatiently mending. It is 4 weeks till can get new glasses, + drops, etc. 4 x day for those weeks... computer is easier than reading as has a magnifier, oh, I love that.
But we are very blessed we can have it done are we not?? 
I am so am thankful to the Lord for that, also thankful for blogging friends for cheering my heart. 
Your caring and comments mean so much to me.

 Oh, an unusual post! incident sent me scurrying two days ago! 
I had a post ready to go which did before surgery but just had to show you this!
"Huntsman Spider - Olios Calligaster. Most species of Olios are found clambering in the foliage of shrubs (or roses). They have humped backs and a raised stance - unlike the more usual flat huntsman that scuttle over tree trunks and walls. Most Huntsman are harmless, but Olios reputedly causes illness with its bites."

{Copied from Readers Digest's "Australia's Dangerous Creatures" p. 180-1 
Click to make it easier to see if you want to that is :D}

{Taken two days after decease - R.I.P}
Ah, the joys of roses are mixed at times. This dead creature above entered via my roses!!
HOUSE RULE : - if you enter our abode and you have eight legs, you will suffer the consequences!
 Not actually on these roses but a bigger bunch.
Picture this: Enter bathroom to clean teeth before retiring.
Spy a huge Olios Huntsman, his/ her back arched in self defense, its fangs at the ready.. Always also have ammo at the ready too, a quick prayer for effective aim, and spsssst!!! 
One wet, dewy with spray, huntsman and promptly put the can of spray on top of its prone corpse .. 
This is mean, but necessary. 
You dont want to try and sleep with them a roaming the house, I can tell you. There are differing varieties of huntsman but this is the worst of them. I have been bitten once by its tamer brother, Leopeda.
What always shocks me when I enter a room so innocently and see them thus, is that they come in with the roses which I held in glove-less hands, mind you!!

The fellow above its the first specimen of the season, glad washed these in bathroom as it confines him to there. If you do it in kitchen, our home is open plan and can end up in a bedroom, many a time!

Now to purpose of post:
 A Christmas card, with Dear Monkey from WOYWW (he says a BIG special hi to all the WOYWW-ers who come this way).
Card made with Snippets (so will join Di in her playground at the Snippets challenge - woo hoo!)
This piece a white card Marianne Frame Designables Folder 908, (white card with die cut frame given to me by Trish ages ago - thanks Trish) mounted on on red mirri card, stamp is wood mount one by Stamp-It Aust. 3943D "Silent Night" embossed with red embossing powder. I love this powder by Printblocks in Qld, my brother bought it and green matt embossing powder for a present, some years ago now, with some papers from there. Wow! that was special.

Added small leaves (from left over card-  see here this post) with Martha Stewart pine leaf punch and bling in red to make it look like holly, with red ribbon from last year's Christmas crackers. Really love this die/emboss folder and think may make up a number of these as they are quick and beautiful to my eye.

I would like to enter this card in these challenges:

1.Crafty Hazlenut's Challenge - Carol Singing! (Silent Night, Holy Night)

2.Just add Ink  - just add bright colours - this red embossed stamp etc. really stand out in real life

3. Sir Stamp A Lot's Challenge - Punch away - used dies and punch, and a stamp ( don't you love this name of this blog? reminds me of Moon-Face, Silky the fairy, The Saucepan Man, Dame Washalot, Mr. Watzisname and the Angry Pixie, from Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood, The Faraway tree etc.)

4. Sentimental Sundays - Anything Goes

 Thanks so much everyone for popping over for a peek and a chat and may the dear Lord bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x
PS for those who saw the Gumblossoms a week ago ( see on this WOYWW Post here) I saw these at my sisters the other day and thought I would like to share the Gumnuts too, These are what are left after the flowers are gone!! what cute little gumnuts they are! This is a lemon flowering Gum, a Bloodwood, and a favourite for bird's nesting. They were staking it out, several different varieties, having bit of ding dong actually... 
oh and happy WOYWW, to all your WOYWW-ers out there!
I wont link over though as cant keep up the commenting, at the mo.

Addendum: For folk like B. who think all God's good creatures should be preserved, the reason one bit me once was because I felt the same. 
I changed my mind that night... no more, any who dares to enter will die! Once bitten twice shy...

Outside ~ they can do as they please as long as not on house eaves, as they come in that way and we have many beautiful good spiders.
I will try and get some photos of them one day, my favourite is St Andrew's Cross. The Orange Orb weaver is another beauty. They have a very sticky big big web,  and they catch bugs so that is very very good. Not so great if you get caught in it makes aright mess of your hair.
We have Red Back Spiders they are quite small, but will kill you if not given anti-venom and they have come inside too but not if kept off eaves or around edge of home am vigilant in that now.

Thursday 4 October 2012

Emily Elizabeth is One!

(Apologies to all WOYWW-ers or other bloggers: This is a post I did pre-op.
 I am not here this week really, as things still very blurry (in vision and in the head) after eye surgery on Tues 2.10.12 so wont be doing the rounds but really, REALLY appreciate all who kindly pop over to say hi. 
Hope and pray things back to normal soon. Addendum written Thurs 4.10.12)

Hullo there every one - those of you who have regularly followed this blog may recall last year I posted a card for Emily Elizabeth when she was born! 
 and wow! a whole year has passed and here she is ONE! They grow up so very quickly! 
Here I am inking up the punched out images with 1 1/4" EK Success square punch - using Kaleidacolor Blue breeze and sponge daubers for the edges to highlight them
Background format: (first shown to me by my friend Debbie who crafts here but sadly does not have a blog, so cannot show you her clever idea!)
 You take four punched images 3/4 inch in contrasting papers or embossed paper to make four by four checkerboard. Then ink around in matching or complementary colour and arrange in checkerboard pattern and mover them along the diagonal one each time you lay them down. 
Originally when I did this I made the embossed owl folder (Hoot Hoot by craft Concepts) in blue, but it yelled too much blue. Next tried the mauve pink and it was not enough contrast either, so went the lovely mint green.
 Used Spellbinders Fancy Labels and the Cuttlebug Olivia alphabet and number. Owl is Quickutz Lifestyle OWL KS-0887 2". It was the cutest I could find on eBay. My first die like this and they are fun to make up, all the different colours, so bit fiddly! I used a rub on for the happy birthday greeting!
Thanks everyone for popping over for a peek and a chat and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x
I would like to enter it in:

PS. I suddenly remembered I thought I had a photos of Deb's card so here is it here everyone! isn't it just lovely! very different.

PPS. Woo hooo just found out this card on this post here won top three over at Craft A Scene!!!

Wow, how exciting is that!!! so funny, isn't it, a card which you think not that great (as there are bits you would like to fix) and others see past that and love it. 
Wow again, and whoopee! made my day! this is the very first time I have won an award for a card! Thanks so much!
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