Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 40 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

WOYWW + Snippetty Gelly Roll pen colouring

(Warning photo overload again today!)

Hi there everyone! I'm perplexed here? ๐Ÿค” How is it Wednesday again already!?? A third of September vanished! How I ask you? As our Queen Julia said last week, there ought be a law against it!
Ah, well! Time for WOYWW again or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday? So over to Queen of Deskland - Julia of the Stamping Ground. My desk earlier..
Soo.. puzzling over this colouring sheet showed last week’s desk. Started with pencils... then a light bulb moment, and out came Sakura gelly roll pens!
Sooo satisfying to use all that sheeny colours, just rolling, blending sheen onto the card. Tested on back of sheet before using in front.
In my element here, on this photo you can see the sheen which is all over colour up in top of this image, unhappily hard to share. Had scanned and printed it off to reuse before colouring. Added afterwards white gelli roll highlights.
This purple piece is the envelope that Cindy in US sent it in. It triggered my colour choices.
So decided to turn the envelope inside out, and make it the main base for the image as it really made it pop. I just reinforced it with scrap cardstock on the back, a thin border of black, too.
Finished card. Used Embossalicious Swirls EF, a snippet of gingham ribbon to finish.
Next share is new stamp set from Simon Says Stamp, had voucher and some pennies from eBay sales, I loved the multiple uses on these, for single banner greeting.
Or stamp directly as I’ve done on this card, adding some scored lines on either side. Image is a digi in my “Use This or Else!” bag, and inked + gold embossed simply lovely Simon Says stamp greeting.
Now the Aussie shots. This is really photo overload so skip if you like.
First ones are local, floral is the first rose of season, Freisia with mauve sweet peas, oh the knockout fragrance! 
Sunset at weekend.. that’s smoke, a smoke filled weekend, not good with breathing issues. Sadly 78,000+ hectares burnt in Guy Fawkes Nat Park, an ironic name, not fun for farmers who’ve nursed their animals through severe long drought to have them taken by fire, plus fences, cattle yards, outbuildings some homes, over 60 fires in NSW over weekend as I write this all sort of under control, but really the strong wind and lack of rain is issue.
Sunset this evening on walk home, taken few minutes apart, the second one has one of the seagull flying to home somewhere!
These photos are taken by Pauline in Oz, another dear one travelling in WA, she shared this amazing selection! 
Just a few of many native flowers in our spring Downunder.
Truly the handiwork of one single blossom could never be created as exquisitely by a human hand!
Yet the amazing handiwork of our Creator God brings forth an astounding array!
There were two dozen images were shared on FB, all plants so diverse!
Pray you’re all well, and thanks so much for popping over for a peek and chat. May God richly bless you wherever you maybe!
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x
Thought for Today
This verse has always meant a lot to me.
I remember in 1992 just before Christmas when I was sole carer for my darling mum, I stepped down from a wee stool and broke my ankle! A simple foot roll & broke it! At the busiest, hottest time of year just before Christmas, I had crutches and a broken right foot. I remember in a wakeful, painful night writing this verse on my bright, white plaster cast. 
It was the only thing I allowed on it, it spoke to me (and others I know) loudly and long. 
God our loving all wise Father is the Stronghold in a day of trouble. Run to Him and WE ARE SAFE, for He knows we trust in Him.. 
Many times in life, as for those dear hurting farmers, and hard working firies fighting just over the hills, there is suffering and hurting in ways we do not understand. God is always only ever a prayer away. May we seek Him. He is our Help in time of trouble.

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4. First card.. curiousity is how to colour.. till tried gelly roll pens! Yummo!

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Baby Shaker Card + WOYWW

Hi there everyone.
Wow, a new month! I lost August I’d decided when I was still writing July on dates in fourth week of August! ๐Ÿ˜† Once the first “ember” month is here, the year gathers momentum even more and licketty-splits along! It’s Wednesday so time for WOYWW or What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday over aJulia’s at the Stamping Ground! To my desk:
Yes, mid-creation again. A baby shaker card, did it once before about four years or so ago. It looks like multiple cards are on make, and you’re right. It’s an ultra special card, and didn’t quite crack first pass to my satisfaction, so reserved it for prototype and a generic baby card.  On left is lovely SU paper disc., was 12 x12”. Managed to scan it and print off an equally good copy (after arguing with my newish scanner for 1/2 an hour). Rest is usual scissors tape, open drawers exploding into workspace.
On far right is this! which just arrived in mail from US, a card colouring topper to colour, isn’t it lovely? Love that verse .. from a FB Christian Cardmakers Group I belong to. Will be doing it after calligraphic piece, which is next on agenda, if time permits, as have a “must-make” list.
Problem is this Memory Box Die was made by a non crafter... or so I think. ๐Ÿค” see that cute little coat hanger for the baby suit?
Well, it’s attached to Die, not detachable and the cause of my grief  in troublesome die cutting of just wee suit for shaker part. I did attempt when last used it to remove it but impossible.

Here’s the finished first card. It’s a welcome for little Baby Oliver Charles. He’s named in his second name after his great grandad, my darling dad, who passed last August. So very apt little Oliver also arrived in August.

You can see the middle one is shaker section then two regular triple mounted ones on either side. The Baby Die is Nellen Snellen. Greetings etc are digis, and Kaisercraft label on bottom. 
A4 EF is Crafts-Too, called “Dottie” I love it, and works treat on my newish electric Couture Creation machine with B plate and base sandwich. Didn’t like recommended sandwich, this works best IMHO.
Aussie photos are local, just skip if you like. Haven’t had time to copy up the family current outback trip.
First are two sea photos clicked when good swell, on walk end of last week.๐Ÿ˜Š
Next is in frontyard, Birdsong (Orange!) grevillea, White Leptospernum, (or tea tree) in full flower for spring.
The next is backyard, a callistemon (Mr Foster) or bottle brush, with a rainbow lorikeet who was playing: “You can't see me?!!”
Last two on walk yesterday.. love second one with elkhorns on trees, and evening light.
Well, that’s it today, pray you’re well, and every blessing of the Lord wherever you maybe. 
** Especially praying for Bahamas and the assault of Dorian, the (thankfully now lower Cat. 2) hurricane is now heading up US east coast.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. Xx 
Thought for the day:
Well, you may not know but I’ve another blog over here and the latest post share the background of this beautiful hymn. Truly there is no other Friend so true as Jesus!
He never fails and He understands us like no one else does. In time of need He is there, I know the Lord Jesus is the only reason that I’m still here!
Linking up:
** Snippets of all sorts used on this baby card, all white except base and stripe was original 12" square piece used "sticky out  bits" (am sure that's a crafter's term๐Ÿ˜‰) to neaten it up for scanning.  Off to playground yay!
** Word Art Wednesday

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Pop Up Slider Card + Blogger Tips + WOYWW

(Warning.. photo heavy post)
Hi there everyone, today sharing a blogger tip at End of this post - on how to link multiple cards from one post to any blog challenge site.
It’s Wednesday so time for WOYWW or What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Julia’s at the Stamping Ground! To my desk!
Taken yest., about to start a Rudolph Day card, for Mo’s Christmas Challenge (here) that runs from 25th to end of each month. In centre I’ve a very pretty card received last Christmas for upcycle? Left a stamp set may use. Stamp and dies at back centre  standing up are waiting to be used. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Far right is card shown on last week’s post (should be in mail). Under it, a pile of card bits left from making pop up Mario Kart card for very special 10th birthday!
Here’s the various stages of pop up slider card, I accidentally cut through too much but repaired it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
To cut rectangle you use rectangle die BUT don’t cut one end.. misjudged, cut just a bit. But all fixed!
This is other side of pop up slider mechanism scored + popped up; always seem to forget one part in steps. This time forgot to put writing piece that goes inside before attaching to base. Oops! Removed from base and corrected. For previous tutorial with great video link see here.. on video the crafter eyeballs it ... no measuring! Love it. ❤️
Finished card... *flat, (partially 3D'ed the image, it's courtesy of Google)
and *close up (font used is Mario Kart font, free from DaFont site),
then *popped up.
Below is Rudolph day card, a very simple upcycle! (*flower on Rudolph card is a Waratah NSW floral emblem, Sturt Desert Pea below is SA floral emblem)
Now to Aussie shots, continuing tale of special folk in centre of Western Australia. *Skip these if like.
Called into Sandstone after had been out to London Bridge.
Apparently London Bridge was wide enough for a horse and buggy in years gone by ... I wouldn’t be game to walk across it today ๐Ÿ˜ณ The mauve wildflowers added to the colour palate of the landscape... very pretty! 
Set up camp between Sandstone and Mt Magnet. Needed to put on tea. ๐Ÿ˜‹ Corn meat, white onion sauce, baked veggies... who says food on the road isn’t tasty?
Mt Magnet was much smaller than I imagined. It only has a population of around 500.
Next photo is out of order, from yest, these are Sturt Desert Pea, a stunning red bloom, the display went on for more than 20 km (12.5 miles)!! It’s spring wildflower time in WA. 
***Apologies to Marit,** last week I commented on all folk, but her. I tried three or four different ways and times to comment, but Wordpress blog insistence that my comment was spam each and every time, even if edited altered comment, caused me to give up. Sorry! 
Tip for Multiple Linking on Challenge Blogs.
 I complained to Linky folk and received a simple tip to solve it. Seems to work on all variety of link sites
Card one do normal link for first link
Second card you just add directly to the end #3 if more do #4 #5 and so on for some reason you don’t do #2.
So mine would be:
Card 1
Card 2
And next one #4, so on, hopefully that helps solve multiple linking from one blog post issue. 

Thought of Day:
Well, God bless everyone and thanks so much for popping over for peek and chat, may God richly bless you and those you love,
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. Xx
Thought of Day:
This verse really encourages me to keep on keeping on, it WILL be worth it all. He fails Not. He picks us up when (not if) we do.
* Christmas card is CAS. Dry embossed background, popped up Upcycled card from 2018, ribbon with die cut Digi verse hand edged in gold to match image. Rounded corners..done! S is for... Slider card!.. for Thomas' double  figures ๐Ÿ˜ birthday!! And S is .... for Scarlet Waratah flower.
* Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Stencilled Oxides and Butterfly Challenge + WOYWW

Hi there everyone, yes, it’s Desk Day.. time for Julia’s WOYWW or What is on Your Workdesk Wednesday over HERE!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
My Desk this morning is a tad out of kilter. That’s base of desk lamp - a dying breed of fluoro desk lamps from 1970’s. Dad used it for painting or for working by, in craft room many years and much used before at other desks. Yesterday it went to the light shop, as it had suddenly gone kupput! 
The man chuckled when he saw it was being held together by sticky tape, quite literally. I’d taken it five years ago to another friend who had repairs business, but since retired, and he mended it ๐Ÿ˜† taping the piece holding connectors together. Anyway light shop-man duly repaired it with same method and sold me new globe and told me to bring it back if any issues. Just for record he sells lights not repair them, but he knew dad well as he was his framer of his paintings for years in previous business. 
I am working on card but can’t share, sorry, till late this month. My desk monkeys with WOYWW badges sit on lamp base at far rear right of my desk, usually out of view. Need to put them all back that’s my first WOYWW PiF from Jozarty, + the cross in my pocket she made me. Also a dumfing from Jo from 2015.๐Ÿ˜Š
This is the card I was working on last week (on last week’s desk below or Here! shows it being inked). I really love it, the Oxides give it such pop and blend well, used Darkroom Door Stamp, and Hero Arts praying for you set for stamped greeting. Mrs A’s Butterfly Challenge, has letter J for Juicy Orange, Jade Green, Jasmine, Jute, Jewels, Joy fold, but will stick to colours with butterflies. 
Both stamped pieces + base with sponged Oxides on TH Dot stencil were all snippets. White card base was not, yay! so off to the Snippets playground!
Now to my Aussie photos, you can skip these if you like, from someone travelling across Oz. Commentary as follows:
Can certainly see why this at Kalgoorlie is called the superpit... the mining vehicles have to be seen to be believed.
In it’s heyday there were 93 hotels and 20 breweries ๐Ÿ˜ณ in Kalgoorlie (big gold mining town). There are around 20 hotels now and some are being or have been restored to their former glory.
Gwalia which is a former gold-mining town just out of Leonora. Today, Gwalia is essentially a ghost town, having been largely deserted since the main source of employment, the Sons of Gwalia gold mine, closed in 1963.
There is a museum open and also Hoover House which serves a great afternoon tea on it’s veranda. This is a beautiful home, a mansion in its era. It cost 6 times the average house of the time. Herbert Hoover who was the mine manager at the time later became the 31st president of the United States.
This photo is bit out of order but so pretty - between Sandstone and Mt Magnet.
This map of Australia shows what a journey across the centre would look ... certainly not as crow flies!
From Wikipedia: “The distance between the east and west as the crow flies is 4,030 km (2,500 mi), or 3,685 km (2,290 mi) from north to south.”
Well, that’s it for me today, was better last week in commenting but not good enough! Hope to do everyone, God willing, this week.
 I’m working through a new mobile. Nearly all info transferred over, been a learning curve using its new features. Old faithful mobile keeps shutting down, that’s sure sign it’s in way out. Do blog posts + all photos on my mobile devices these days, + all commenting! Hence issues with some website settings.
Happy WOYWW everyone, and may God bless your day wherever you maybe. Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x.
Thought for today:
Yesterday I was praying with a friend, by phone, She is having a rough time, and as we prayed, she prayed this verse. It was so apt for her situation that thought I’d share it here, that it may bless you also, in any storm we do need a shelter.
In the storms of life we can be sure the Lord Jesus will be there for us IF we but seek Him! 
He alone can still the wind and waves and say: “ Peace! Be still!”
Thank you Lord Jesus.
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