Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Crafty Bounty + WOYWW

 Here is today's surprises! more happy mail!
 You see last week showed the wonderful bounty of paper piecing stamps from Di of Snippets Playground.
 Di said she meant to send some pieces of paper she used on her card to demo the Woodware stamps, and would I like a few.... and I said that would be nice, thinking they were a just few snippets pieces!! then thought no more of it. 
 So here so what one of the kindest ladies of all sent.. some of the LOTV paper in Kraft Christmas and Blue Christmas.. (ahhh, large sigh of joy) You know, I have never had LOTV paper and have often admired it from afar but to have some in my hot little hand made me what to yell "THANK YOU, Miss!" at the top of my voice... soooo very kind of you, dear Di!!! 
Also postie brought me gift of papers and card (in part meant for Christmas but never made it to Oz. US post returned it as damaged in transit hence delay) from Ginny also of Woyww!! Ginny sent dozens of navy sheets and  a set of Strathmore cards and loads of enveopes! thank you dear kind friend! so much joy from blogging friends!
 Under the two post items is another new craft item... a paper cutter!
Last week on WOYWW had read Ann.B wax lyrical on her favourite store Aldi where she bought a new laminator. Well this is where this new item is from -  large 32cm Guillotine on right and on left a roller cutter with wavy, perforated and regular cutting. It unlocks so can separate from guillotine if desired. Had been praying for large guillotine for ages. And it was the sweet sum of $24.95. Joy!                                                                     Then here is one of the many vases of roses this season from our garden.. are they not magnificent??.. the outside two on left and right are called Kardinal, the other three are call Mr Lincoln. so fragrant!!
I will comment as able but not been 100% this week. Very little blogging has been done.
Many thanks every one of you for popping over for a peek and chat (you make my day) and may God bless your day wherever you may be! 
Shaz in Oz.x

Wednesday 22 January 2014

WOYWW + Woodware stamps from Di!

Hullo there everyone. 
 Before start this post on WOYWW (What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday - do pop over to Julia's *here* to the crafty learning zone) - will give my previous posts' edit at top:
{EDIT: this  post was published Tues 14th, okay for 2 days approx. 
In that time I was not online.. 15 comments were made.  Late Wednesday Aust. time it unpublished itself and reverted to DRAFT, original draft with just 3 photos, no text. Thankfully I have had my blog post emails sent to myself and saved as backup files for ages now, so re-pasted and re-publish! .. when re-published it Wed., came up Tues date up with all comments + slightly new title. I am so puzzled by all this!}
Has anyone else had like this happen?
Now to my desk!
As you can see (or not?) it is bit tidier! the tidy bit is to far left really. Right: small pile yet to be sorted though.. but this was covering almost all of desk, so much better *huge grin*.  
Left : small 7" guillotine in plastic case with items given recently... sorting most for craft group at a nursing home.  Back Left, resting on drawers: stamps on 2 clear blocks to put back in unmounted stamps folder
 Front Centre: Three cards recently received - see below. First Wendy M. of OSA Purple Black Mingle (not blogged my card yet) Ginny of "Maxam Made" (also WOYWW). Last but not least is from Di of Pixie's Crafty Worshop (see card recipe here) - so much better in real life; PLUS the Woodware clear stamps.. well, so very blessed indeed! what a great Snippet's prize. Thank you, Di! .. see Di's Bethlehem card made on this post + ones by Jules with Bauble bird using these paper piecing stamps.

Wendy used these Artneko stamps (lovely, eh? and soo reasonable) and die from Paperwishes.
For Australian pickies now! Will close with two shots of me on Wednesday last week or not actually me {after all I took pictures} but where I was. Now you know why was not here.. was up visiting family and this is the beach we just walk down grassed reserve onto.. busy isn't it?? such great reading/ lazing/ swimming weather. Very grateful...
My desk last week... not bad huh?
Some detritus on shore - small pieces of pumice curiously with skeleton + bit of seaweed.
Pumice is on lots of local beaches.. in northern NSW, even though link was of Qld.
Well, off to peek at some desks when rest of world joins Oz and into Wednesday.We are well into Wed. afternoon here; UK + US are still in Tuesday :D
Thanks so very much everyone who pops over for peek and chat - you so bless and encourage me. I try to return comments - but apologies when cant if you belong to Google+ or no WOYWW number.
May God bless your day wherever you may be. 
Shaz in Oz.x

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Spellbinder Curved Borderabilities + Snippets Word Art Wednesday

 {EDIT: how weird it is this..??? This post was published on Tues 14th and was up for two days approx. 
In that time I was not online and 15 comments were made.  
Late Wednesday our time it reverted to drafts in my posts, as original draft with just three photos, no text.
Thankfully I have had my blog post emails sent to myself and saved as backup for ages now, so simply re-pasting it, and re-publish! Curious indeed.
Even curiouser when I just re-published it, it put Tues date up with all comments, and slightly new title. I am so puzzled by all this!
Has anyone else had this happen? }

Hullo there everyone. Well, things are very much in holiday mode over here!! It is summer and we are enjoying a lovely summer where we live - some places are very, very hot (and dry) and had bushfires so I really pray for folks in West Aust. as over 30 homes lost there.
I had made these cards weeks ago now.. bit of a backlog - but really love these new Spellbinder border dies (Curved) - very similar to card here if you want the recipe. Rose paper snippet is a Digi paper by Donna of Bearly my Designs. Digi verse is from Word Art Wednesday, I do love their verses and this is lovely one. Trust in the Lord and thus peace in this life and in next do go together.
This card is another encouragement card for a friend and the verse " With God all things are possible" is an old out of date Printblocks (Aust. brand) with white card from CB Victoria folder, with Labels 8 Fleur de Lis die on a snippet, double mounted.

Here I am colouring the ribbon with the ink colour I used to match SU paper also. Then added two pearls as finished card above shows. Quick post today as wont be able to join with WOYWW tomorrow other commitments :D visitors, etc.
 Should post a picture of the beach for you then you will know where we are :D or almost not quite same beach but almost ....
 Hope this might cheer up your day, as it really is this beautiful here.. so very blessed in this part of God's beautiful creation.
Thank you so very much for popping over for a peek and chat and may God bless your day where ever you may be.
Shaz in Oz.x
Would like to join these over with the following:
1 Di's Snippety challenge - Used snippets on both card.
2 Word Art Wednesday - anything goes
3. This month's Challenge at Stamping Sensations is Ribbons, Buttons and Bows - just one or all three.  (second card)

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Prismacolor + Frangipani + WOYWW

Hullo there everyone .. yes another Wednesday again the second time this year.. really makes me want to pinch myself, when realise it is 2014, seems this decade is flying too .. 
For those not not the know today and every Wednesday rain, hail or shine is WOYWW or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" The international learning centre is over at Julia's Stamping Ground!
Without any further ado here is the desk/ table (or you can share the bench/ floor etc.).
Well here tis!! ... am working on a really quick image as was waa-ay behind on a card. These amazing set of pencils {which are enough to make anyone drool} are a set of Prismacolors from my sister for Christmas. On this post way back here borrowed my sister's smaller set and admired them then.. but somehow when she offered this set for a pressie did not realise just how big they were .. and are they beautiful to use??.. they are thrilling! I adore colour pencils - right back since third grade when I was given my first tin of Lakeland pencils. :D Seem to remember Maggie.C talking about her's too!
So here is the card I made with the large sunflower wreath stamp ( ©1995 PSX, Made in USA, no name) - most of card had been done ages ago for a sixtieth card, which I made a mess of the image. Re-did image differently and re-cut numbers, and greeting. Ideally if time had permitted I would have hand cut out the image and layered several times to 3D it, but this needed finishing quickly! Used were Spellbinder circles, Petite ovals and CB Swiss dots folder with Olivia CB numbers, and CB Vintage corners {Oh, and of course, the yellows are matching but dont photograph that way :D curious that}.
 Next are two belated Christmas card received - more below this post .. belated because mail from USA can take a month to Oz! Aren't they beautiful?
To close, I will share the Oz shot of the week - seems to be a tradition now! Wish
we had smell-a-vision for this! It smells so beautiful!
Franginpani from circa 1974

My parents built the home in 1973, some trees on fence line were planted in 1972, but think this one probably was 1974 (forty years old). Was not living here then, so dont know. I adore frangipani (see here) and as you can see this one is taller than the house next door, and our house! It flowers for eight to nine months of the year, like our roses, which are also partly in view. I love the carpet of flowers underneath which forms till lawn is mowed again. :D
I really appreciate all who faithfully come and visit me on this little blog.
A special warm welcome to Sarah (she does some beautiful quilling along with other things) and to Susie , and Annie, who is a WOYWW-er. These are all pretty new bloggers, so do pop over and say hi!
Have noticed this blog's Wonderful Encouragers are getting near 200 mark, which is pretty amazing .. and humbling too.. so am praying about having something to celebrate it, to thank ALL my Wonderful Encouragers. .. maybe a small piece of calligraphy of your choice?..
Well, happy WOYWW everyone! May God bless your day wherever you maybe! and thanks so much for popping over (and even more if you stay for a chat :D)!
Shaz in Oz.x
I would like to enter my sunflower card into:
1. Di Snippets Challenge -  all of card bits in snippet pile .. it nearly was thrown out :D
3.   Closes 13/14th Jan. 
4. This month's Challenge at Stamping Sensations is Ribbons, Buttons and Bows - just one or all three. :D

Thursday 2 January 2014

Clever Christmas Cards Received ~ Thank YOU!

Hullo there everyone .. just a brief post, as must simply get a move along on some jobs!!
However I promised so here they all are .. my lovely cards received which were lovingly hand made .. thank you, dear ones!
Well, they were many and varied the styles and think that is what thrilled me, as well as thoughts behind it all! this inky delight with masking is from Neet, dear friend.
Isn't the glittery work on this one of Chris of Chris' Cards and Bit's in Wales. just a real thing to marvel over .. and the glitter doesn't come off this card so must find out what it is?
 This CAS  and very tasteful card is from Anne in France -
I remember when she made it I really admired it.. little touches of glitter and bling really make it :D
{EDIT: Oh, Anne also sent me a lovely "thank you" card too rather like the birthday one on the link below - but said "thanks" :D}
This card is from a friend in Oz who doesn't have a blog and does not read this either.. but dear Marita in Benalla I really thank you.. and pray for you too! isn't it lovely?
 This card is from Di of Pixies' playground I love the image...and notice the vellum underneath the "We Three Kings..." words on it ... so clever!
( ..erm, sorry Miss, I forgot to straighten de bent corners..)
 And last but not least is the very cute and subtle bling "cutsie" card from Brenda in USA.
Their mail takes forever to Oz so only came today but adore it and will find a way of displaying all these to enjoy them  and be inspired though 2014.
Notice the bit of soft glitter on baubles and so beautifully coloured.

THANK YOU ladies!! you are all precious to me and appreciate all who faithfully come and visit me on this humble little blog..
A special warm welcome to Mary of 
do take a peek at her blog too!

By the bye,I have taken to inserting just url's cos find sometimes the embedded link put in just words disappears and dont know why.
May God bless your day (and 2014) wherever you may be, thank you so much for popping over for a peek and chat!
Shaz in Oz.x

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014! and happy WOYWW.

Hullo there everyone! Do pray everyone is safely over the Christmas season without too much pudding calorie gain. Not that I can blame it for mine as dont eat it.  :D  just a lot of other things. Now for those in the know this is Wednesday and we check out desks of the world - on What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday - courtesy of our wonderful Julia! (let's hope link stays this time, blogger ate last one)
Incidentally started WOYWW-ing first week in Jan in 2011, three years of desk viewing, with much learning!
 Confession: not showing you the full view ... too disheartening NEED to clean up! Not actually been here to craft since before Christmas - family visiting and reading binge! Am over my fall early December too, apologies for absence since then, and thanks for all your kind thoughts, prayers etc. Good to be blogging properly again.
Above Desk left to right: Some bits was fiddling with to make Christmas cards, some cards made or two not blogged. I was able to craft a little but not blog, new stash from pressies. Was given some money to spend - the Marianne corner die + pearls are from Joanna Sheen, Couture Creations Tied Together folder, at great price on eBay here in Oz. Still waiting for two Spellbinders, slow post from US.
LEFT:  some inky playing, not blogged. Victoria embossing folder and some inky delight as shown. My sister wanted a house warming card in specific colours, so here 'tis.. she found the Bugaboo digital stamp.
Really pretty straight forward: some squares of embossing, had this lovely woven sheet in A4 which looked great, double mounted image coloured in with Promarkers, digi greeting in SU oval punches.
Lastly the pickie from Oz. Fig birds up in the palm tree eating the berries. {EDIT: Sharon in comment below mentions the red-eyed male fig bird.. if you look closely, the male with bright red around eye is in left background, and female in front}
We have lovely days here at the moment.. So blessed when so many are having terrible weather. Have a number of Christmas cards to share from some WOYWW folk etc and will share soon. Happy WOYWW every one and may God bless your day (and 2014) wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x
PS my top five are down blewo.. joing up with Debby on that.
Also want to link this card over to the following:
Miss Di of Snippets Playground .. as green bit was a snippet! as was cream image was printed on, etc.
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