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I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Saturday 27 October 2012

Brayer Used With Dragonflies + Finland

Warning ~ long, picture heavy post~
Hullo there everyone!
Hope your weekend is travelling along well! another lovely day here, but we need the rain.Today am going to share another one of my brayer cards with a different method. 
I also want to say before you all sigh despondently at the thought of the brayer - I have post in the pipeline with brayer tips listed. 
As Sandy Hulsart has removed her wonderful brayer video, I really should do something, so I can continue giving folk a link. If am brave enough may even try a video after Christmas. However this post will have few tips too.  :D
I embossed gloss card and the Dragonfly embossing folder (K Kingdom), then brayered with Kaleidacolor Riveria, (see below). Added stamped images in Archival ink from Stampin' Up Oriental set. Used Labels Large from Spellbinder extended; mounted them on black card and cut a highlight around by hand. After printing computer generated greeting on the card, scoring below it adding three black brads to left, adding the mounted pieces on small pop ups.
Here I am just starting the card, brayering on padded area (I use junk mail). Often when at this stage I have no clear idea where it is going..

After embossing to this stage I thought, Mm, that looks okay, how about extending the embossing to end and doing image on end??

 Now generally folk freak out about lines with brayering, so here I just wanted to show you can get rid of most of them if you are patient.
Almost all evidence of white division between folder and stamped images is covered by further brayering..
 And as you notice the Kaleidocolor pads blend well together. Use the brayer over the full width moving it up and down a little so colour is well distributed on brayer. Then firmly but gently (an oxymoron, but hope you will understand) brayer it on the gloss cardstock.
That's end of tips for now - if want more on "BRAYER TIPS" click on labels at the bottom of this post or here, and there is promise of more tips. :D

This card is for one of my family in UK, who took me over to Finland as  real treat when I was staying with them. See previous post, click here.

As this card is for Jules, (who really likes dragonflies) I wanted to share some more of the lovely time at the lake near Vihti, in Finland; and also at the family home of their friends in Helsinki. 
First lot are at the lake, second at Vihti and last three at Helsinki. 
If you "click" on photos, they will enlarge for you.
Lakeside cabin!
Sunshine! 7c max. first day, 15c second day.
Two birds (?) on roof of sauna.
Icy water, which looks like waves.
Red Squirrel (I think) in Vihti
Church in Vithi, someone throwing a snowball maybe??
 A ruin from 8th cent (?) in Vihti
Okay, this is serious wood collecting, but it is FINLAND!
Snow, and more snow - icy hard!
 ah, spring has sprung - God's beautiful handiwork, in Helsinki!

Well, everyone thanks so much for being so patient and most of all for popping over for a peek and chat and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x


MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I love the way you got that halo effect round the dragonflies, by brayering after the embossing. It really highlights them. By the way, can you send some of that great wood pile over here. We could do with that in the wood burner today to get rid of that real chill from the Arctic we have. Guess the remaining tomatoes will not ripen now. Green tomato chutney coming up. Thank you for your thoughts on the readability of blogs. I had never thought of that being a problem, although there are some blogs I really cannot read, yellow on white type colours for example. Hope those eyes of yours are improving. xx Maggie

brenda said...

More great photos from Finland Shaz, I find it hard to comprehend the depth of cold they have in the winter months.

Embossing the card stock first has given a lovely effect after you have brayered and the colours blend beautifully.

Hope you have a good weekend.

B x

Sally H said...

Stunning card, Shaz! Those ink colours are gorgeous - don't think I have that ink pad - will have to check! Your photos are beautiful too. The birds are a type of wagtail, but I couldn't be sure about which type - maybe a white wagtail? The cabin and lake look idyllic x

Anne said...

I love this card! It is gorgeous! Stunningly beautiful! Bravo! Superb photos nice to see other parts of the world and as you say, share in God's amazing creation! Thanks for the brayering tips too! Take care of yourself.!xx

Myrna said...

Lovely card. Thanks for the tips.
I love these photos of Finland.

Eliza said...

My goodness that card is beautiful, I will have to give it a go it has been awhile since I have used a brayer and I used to love using it all the time. No I am not afraid about the brayer, lots of people are.

Thanks for the tour of your holiday what a beautiful place, definately Gods creation.

Now just to make sure, the VB machine did actually go to hell it was unrepairable. I have sinced contacted Sizzix with a full report advising them how dangerous they are and fire dangers. I have also contacted Tim Holtz to make sure he is aware of the nasty things that are happening with his name on the item. Best I could do, I feel guilt free now and can continue on in peace knowing that I have done the correct thing. Sizix advised me that the safety issues have actually been dealt with and sorted here in Australia. Will see what happens from here on. What will be will be.

Have a blessed week.
Sorry comment a bit long.

Unknown said...

Lovely card. Great colors and I love the way you left a border around the dragonflies. (I am sure it must have taken a while but it was worth it. :)

Hettie said...

Gorgeous image of your brayering there Shaz. And great photos of your recent visit to Finland. As for that pile of wood, we have a few similar ones around here now. Learnt to pile it well when in Czech and Hubby leaves it to me to do/supervise as he thinks I do it better without it rolling! Haa haa! Winter has definitely arrived!
Hugs and hope your eyes are getting better.

MaryH said...

Thanks for the detailed explanation of how you created this lovely card. I'll give it a try, and hope to do you proud! Your instructions were very good, even an amateur can hope for success. Also enjoyed reading & seeing your pics of Finland. We had 2 Finnish brothers who built our house in Fla, they were superb workmen. We always got a kick of them talking about their boyhoods in Finland. These pictures showed the beauty of the land, and you're a great photographer. Thanks for the very enjoyable post! Hugs

jimlynn said...

Beautiful card and love the brayering on here!! I just can not for the life of me get mine to look right - but will note all your tips now. This is just gorgeous!


Craftychris said...

ooh your card is stunning! I love the technique of brayering over embossing, I will be giving that a try, thank you for the idea! the photo's are fab too xx

Lindsay Weirich said...

well done! I nver throught to brayer over raised dry embossing, what a great look! Also i like how there was no waste of your brayerd background! I'm so glad you joined OSA too, it is a great group!

Sarah C. said...

That's a pretty card, Shaz!
Love your Finland photos. That's another place I'd love to visit :)

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