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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Help Japan! Buy a beaut stamp, folks.. and please pray!

"WOYWW-er's" please scroll down to next post after reading this post.. thanks all!   : )

From Brenda @  butlersabroad @ 8:13 am "I saw this over on Deb’s blog earlier in the week and thought it was such a great idea.  The wonderful and talented Mo Manning is offering this image for just $1 with all proceeds being donated to relief work in Japan.

I’ll be buying my copy this weekend.  You can click on the above photo for the details, over $500 has been raised already.  

Isn't she just the cutest? and so versatile.. .
I really would appreciate it ff you would read ALL this post please.. : )  ta!

Please spread the word to all your blogging and crafty mates, and also pray for the relief effort over there.

Prayer changes things..."ye have not because ye ask not .." James 3

My friends in Sapporo, north Japan are going along fairly well but much hardship is being suffered all over the land as chilly winter bites and they have so many shortages, so please pray for them too!
While we talk on the matter of prayer; I would like to ask for you to pray especially in next 24 hours of crital decision making in Egypt.
It has dropped off the agenda with all other news in Japan, the atomic and humanitarian disaster and Libya and the very sad stories there all warrant prayer. However the next 24 hour are very critical for Egypt:

This is an excerpt from a young Christian friend in Australia who writes of her troubled land:

There is a very serious update at present that requires a LOT of prayer. Tomorrow (Saturday 19th) there is a referendum asking the Egyptian people to approve the changes they (the Army and the Muslim Brotherhood) have done to the constitution. All Christians, all educated and liberal-minded Muslims, and the youth of the Revolution are totally against these so called 'amendments'. If they go ahead, the revolution would have been in vain! It would favour the Muslim Brothers and the Muslim extremists only. It would be a disaster! What is concerning also is that it very likely that the army and the Muslim Brothers will 'cook' the results to suit its own agendas. The army has warned the media from discussing or analysing the contents of the referendum! We also believe that if these 'amendments' are 'agreed to', there will most likely be another revolution or protests of some sort by the Copts and secular Muslims.  

Please pray that God would intervene in this very crucial situation.

Prayer Changes Things, though!! “

May we take these burdens to the LORD Who hears all who truly call upon Him and where we find grace to help in time of need.

Love and God’s blessing on your day,
Shaz in oz.x

PS thanks everyone! : )
I guess folks may have heard the referendum passed and according our Aust.  ABC news there was only a bout 40% turn out. You see, a great percentage of the people in upper Egypt especially are poor and many are illiterate or have very little education and have no idea of the workings of politics or what is going on. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim extremists took advantage of this and turned it into a religious thing. Telling Muslims that if they voted 'no' they would go to hell with the Christians, the infidels, and if they vote 'yes' they would go to paradise!  Also, in many areas Copts were forbidden from casting their vote. The Muslim Brothers also stopped and harassed several secular Muslims and media personal.As my Egyptian friends says:
Our eyes are on the Lord now. He is the only One who can help His people in this very, very dark and trying time.


Unknown said...

I Added info and links related to how to help Japan
Plz help Japan

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shaz, I already bought my digi, in fact I bought two and gave one to a friend as suggested by one of the WOYWWers. Our news has been full of the disaster in Japan, yes, but it has also been reporting on the dreadful things going on in Libya too and, just today, I read a report discussing Egypt's problems too. So I do think that we are being kept informed, especially as it has just been announced by US President Obama that the Gaddafi regime must follow the UN's ceasefire demands or face military action. And, oh dear, there's been shootings in the Yemen and of course there is the unrest in Bahrain. What is going wrong with the world! It is my hope that those people who are either earthquake survivors or the politically oppressed will have the spirit, the will and the strength to survive. Elizabeth x

Chrysalis said...

United in prayer with you, Shaz. Thank goodness that 'the one in you is greater than he who is in the world', eh? Love and blessings from the UK xx

pinky said...

Thanks for your comments Shaz but yes I have already got my digi image:) Our prayers are definitely heading in those directions at the moment:(

Trish said...

Great digi stamp and a very worthy cause,we need to all pray that either country suffers no more

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Shaz, laughed at your post on my blog! I am so glad I am not the only one that sees something I like, or a really good idea, than can't actually remember how to do it, or even where I saw it. I saw two things I really liked last week on WOYWW, 1 I can remember, haven't got the faintest idea now what the second was,but I know it was great! I am hoping something will jog my memory this week, lol.Glad my Easels were useful for you, Love Shaz.

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