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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Basic Brayer Tips ~ It is DO-ABLE!!

Hullo there everyone!
Well, as promised here is my brayer tips post - so many have commented on my brayer work and said how they struggle with it.
So I thought since the Sandy Hulsart video was no longer available I ought to have go. Her's was the best..this is my poor effort to try and help.

Truly brayering is not hard ...
You really need to not think it is hard.

ave you ever taught?? - that is what you have to get through when teaching!!!

You can do it - how I learned was with Stampin up spots, all three in row held by blu-tack, and gloss card!!

..and I watched videos  .. a good way to get the idea, I have a very basic video below.
... and then jump in... and dont stop too soon. 

I often think folk give up on brayer work because they stop too soon.

 Rather like taking a cake out of the oven when it is half baked. 
It does not look great either. :D

To make easier:
1. a good gloss card like Kromcote is it best really, or SU glossy card is okay too.

2. the right ink does help.
I like Adirondack but also good to start with is the Kaleidocolor, as they are all ready to blend together, they are already lined up.

However to be honest, I ignore a lot of the "must do's" and "must not's" do on the videos!!
eg.  they start six feet (okay not quite  that much) off the page in some videos and you use three times as much ink, quite unnecessary... and the bit about not rolling different ways - you will see that in the video, but you can get away with it IF you have a light hand!

 If you
are not a strong armed person it helps. I am not.

I think some folk just go in "really strong, firm-grip style" and you must not be strong armed.. 
If you go in too much power you dont get the firm, light strokes you need
I may move quickly when I brayer but it is not  heavy hand. 
Just relax!! :D after all, that is what crafting is about!!
Here is my first video (so not great, as editing needed but too hard for me to figure that yet). 
Also it breaks up wee bit towards end at the bottom, I think it must have happened when uploading it as not on original at all.
It will hopefully show you how to help and for any who may have issues or lack confidence.

If it doesn't come up try this link here.
if you want to see the card shown on the video it is on this post, (click  here)
The brayered background for this card is done on this video above.
 I plan to show, God willing, in another video, maybe in new year how I do the card images after the brayer background
I did one after this but forgot to have camera checked as I was half off screen, der! here are the two backgrounds I did on it, they were on my desk for last weeks WOYWW. if in the meantime you want to see a great video on using images overlapping, etc. see this Stampscape's video here on stamping them.
 Also you can brayer an embossed image from an embossing folder, as I did in this card here. I love the effect.
For more details and steps on how I made this card see this post here. 
Thanks so much for popping over for a peek and chat, and may God bless your day wherever you may be!
Shaz in Oz.x 
PS. I want to welcome my latest Wonderful Encourager,Famfa, see her blog here! Famfa, thank  YOU so very much for encouraging me and making my day! :D
For more brayer tips please just click on "Brayer" on the labels and will give more ideas there. .. or click here.


Carol Willis said...

All beautiful cards Shaz, thanks so much for sharing this tutorial.
Caz x

Shelly Schmidt said...

Gorgeous card and technique! I was fortunate enough to take a class or two with Zindorf- the Brayer queen! You are a great teacher!

brenda said...

Well done for putting this together Shaz, is something I've not even dared to try.

Loving the pinks and calm scene on the first card in the lovely blues and greens on the second.

B x

Di said...

Hi Shaz

Well blow me down, I just sat and listened to your lovely accent whilst learning about brayering. Fab video and I think I now know a few (al lot in fact!!) of the things I'm doing so wrong :) Watch this space, and thank you so much for taking the time to do this - gorgeous result too!

Hugs, Di xx

Craftychris said...

I love both your cards, they are amazing and your video is fabulous, thank you so much, you make the technique seem to simple. I am inspired to dig out my brayer and play! xx

NancyD said...

They are both wonderful, Shaz! Love the pink one particularly. NancyD

Hettie said...

Right then Miss! I have watched your video. Diana (Playground) has given me a fresh untouched by ink or glue brayer and so I have absolutely NO excuse not to have a go. I will let you know! Love the embossed version though!

fairy thoughts said...

hi shaz it was lovely to hear your cool aussie lilt on the video. I like the idea of gentle but firm not sure if I can do that though, but I will try. great cards.

Sarn said...

Hi Shaz . . . LOVING your great accent. It was wonderful to hear you explain everything.

Having seen your video, I definitely think I'm one of the impatient ones when it comes to brayering! I am getting a Splodge mat from Santa, so I'm hoping that will help me too.

Thanks so much for making the video

Sarn xxx

Laura S Reading said...

Thank you for the video and for saying you do not have much hand strength. Maybe I will have more confidence in trying new techniques, even though my hands have their bad days.

Anonymous said...
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Helen in the UK said...

Great video - you really make it look achievable! I've attempted brayering before, but not really persevered. I'll give it another go in the New Year thanks to this tutorial :)

Jules said...

Hi Shaz

That was a brilliant video tutorial .. .. thank you for sharing it with us.

I think a few folk will be getting their brayer out again in the hope of finally making friends with it!

Love Jules xx

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