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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Pressing on in 2020! + WOYWW

Hi there. Yess! It’s 2020, a whole new year to serve the LORD in! 
Did you have an autograph book when young? I did, I remember a number of those four liners put in it with a signature. Especially this:
Your life lies before you, 
Like a path of untrodden snow,
So be careful how you tread it,
For every step will show!
(Edit: Yes, re snow, I lived in town where it snowed, and don't have my autograph book anymore.)
That’s how I usually approach a new year, with a sense of awe and wonder. Not only New Year’s Day but WOYWW or What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday, pop over here to Julia’s do.. we’re a friendly bunch! 😊
At my desks - three in all.
Hope you’re not going to groan as it’s Christmas cards. Warning you, aiming to get two dozen made by end of this month. Have half dozen made, + 3 more half done. However the cleaning bug has momentarily grabbed me, note momentarily! First desk is card almost done, with stamped embossed card and colouring with Tombows and assorted water colour pens, see below. This stamp set is CCS picked up months ago not used. Love poinsettia.
Next are brusho background then stamped in Versamark and silver EP.
This desk shows three all stamped, working out how to colour.. prob Distress watercolour!
Made up all very simply.
First two are a single layer card, and other simply mounted.
Two stamps are by Stampendous, Glory to God in the highest (bought with Marilyn in a Hobby Lobby, Sept 2018).
Other is 
Luke 1:12, “For unto us is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” 
The paints have loads of sheen and are a Finetec set.
Well, it’s SUCH a sad new year for many in Oz. It’s so sad, so many fires and so many lost homes and even lives.
Praying much. 
Lord bless dear ones and keep you and those you love safe in 2020.
Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x 
Fire rain update: Praise God! Two days rain over Christmas,  a great gift, put out two fires near us, one 183,000 hectares (300,000+ acres). However two small ones started, and so many, many MANY more fires, lives homes, farms, animals, have sadly been lost.
Oh, dear ones, we need rain in so many places another fireman gone (link here), 3 now, and sadly yesterday more folk lost defending their homes. The fires have been so intense they're creating tornado like funnel of fire that carry the fire in unstoppable path. The ten tonne fire truck was picked up and flipped. It was a miracle the whole fire team wasn't killed. 😥😭😕🙏
Oh Lord, PLEASE may there be a great outpouring of Thy amazing grace and mercy on poor, poor, sinfilled Oz.
Truly as Ezra prayed, our sin has reached up to the heavens (Ez.9:6)!
Forgive us Father, heal us please, send rain soon please! 

Such wonderfully gracious drought-breaking rain all across Oz. Please Lord keep all firies, folk, animals etc safe and let Thy angels of mercy encamp them about in safety. 
For we have no might, neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon Thee.
In Jesus' Name, 

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Cathy said...

Happy New Year Shaz, wouldn't know where to find my old autograph book but I love the sentiment you shared from yours! Let's hope we get some drought and fire breaking rain soon! Your poinsettia cards are lovely, beautiful array of colours, Cathy x

Helen said...

I am impressed with your planning ahead for next year (oops, this year!) Christmas cards! Happy New year to you, and indeed hoping for good news about the terrible fires soon. Helen

Joanne said...

there are never too many christmas cards, I ran out this year. So I will also be making some soon. Wish you were closer to inspire me. Love your cards. Glad to hear you are safe from the fires, I feel so bad for all those poor people expecially this time of year.

logs of love and a happy and healthy new year.

Sarah Brennan said...

Beautiful cards Shaz, so different with the same stamp. Praying for rain in Oz! Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Those are stunning cards, Shaz! I especially like the red ones. Shocking reports out of Australia - I hope this state of emergency won't last long and the communities and nature will recover eventually. Very sad about the loss of human life - and also wildlife - I saw some pictures of rescued Koala bears who got burned in the fires - it was heart-breaking! I'm glad you're safe - hope 2020 will bring healing to your country. xx zsuzsa

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What a great post. I use to love those autograph books. I like your 4 liner . AND I love your display of cards. I had NO well time in Dec. before hand so many things were left undone. I had all of Christmas craft out to use, so I made a few ideas and if time permits maybe more. My calendar in that area was still November. I plan to start with Valentines this week just because I need to work ahead earlier. I was wondering how close fires were etc, seems they are all over our universe. Many disasters, many random shootings and I pray alot the grand children never are involved in school tragedies. Our world has changed and it saddens me. Wishing you and yours the Happiest days and Eventful times for 2020 our NEW YEAR. 🧡💖💖

Anne said...

Love the cards and techniques you use, lots of inky fun! The snow quote is one to remember....have you ever experienced snow in Oz?😉 Our prayers continue for your country, the fires are terrible, so sad, such brave firefighters and all who are risking their lives and working so hard. I really thought that having fireworks in Sydney was insensitive though.

Annie said...

Sending much love and thoughts to all those suffering because of the fires.
Wishing you very Happy New Year my friend. Thank you for the love and friendship over the last year. Here's hoping for many more in 2020.
Annie x

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Shaz, loving the cards. Intending to start on mine either later today or tomorrow! Need to as totally use up all my spares in the box. So awful the fires, we've been following on the BBC news page,so terrible to hear of the losses, both of life and property. Surely it must rain and cool down soon. Sending love & hugs, Happy New Year from us both, Shaz XxX

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Shaz. I think this is a good time to make Christmas cards while you are still in the Christmas mind set. I always intend doing more but then other things distract me. I have been wondering how you are the fires are so scary, we've been watching the news regularly here and it's so sad. I pray for rain but I guess there's not much chance of that yet for you. Sending you hugs and hoping the New Year is a happy one, Angela xXx

Crafting With Jack said...

Happy New Year Shaz and happy WOYWW too x it is so very sad about the fireman, but as you say thankfully the others with him were alright. I can’t imagine the terror involved fighting the flames. Praying the Lord will hear your prayers and make it rain enough to put out all the flames x

scrAPpamondo said...

Pray that Lord give you all a big rain that stopped the fires and all the big horrendous tragedies in your area... :(
Fabulous cards, love your watercolured poinsettias and the vibrant colours you used!
Have a peaceful and joyous New Year!

Betsy said...

Shaz, your cards are lovely my dear friend. I'm so encouraged each time I read both of your blogs. You are such a blessing in my life. I'm grateful for your friendship. The enthusiasm in your post today makes me think that you may be feeling better? I sure hope so.
I have been in prayer daily for Oz as the fires continue unabated. My God reach down His loving hand from Heaven and quench the flames.
Much love and Blessings,

Caro said...

Happy New Year Shaz! I love your cards and am praying for Oz - it is so heartbreaking what you are all going through. With love and God Bless, Caro xx

loz said...

Happy New Year Shaz..We are praying the the horrible heat and bush fires are gone soon... Beautiful cards you have made..I finally opened my couture creations machine ( I have had it about 4 mths and never opened) and have spent the morning practicing.. I am sooo glad that I can use my cuttlebug plates with it a s I have a few left. Still trial and error with the plates but I will get there. I also am still making christmas cards. So far I have over 40 made for next christmas..Loz

Megan J said...

Hi Shaz, the fires the last week have been horrific, the fire team that had the truck overturned lost three trucks from the set of four that were out together along with one smaller truck with the command in it. They were a very lucky group of men to make it out alive. I love your poinsettia cards and you are going to be very busy to get 24 done before the end of the month!, the olc look fabulous with the traditional colours and the gold sentiment. Wishing you and yours a safe, happy, prosperous and healthy 2020. Praying for lots of rain for Aus, our mountain mist this morning was nice but it won't put the fires out. Have a good one.. Megan

Conniecrafter said...

it is never too early for getting next years Christmas cards started :) They are just beautiful, my favorite is the red flower ones!
Continued prayers go out for more rain and no more taking of lives and homes

Anne said...

Hello Shaz. Lovely cards, can never have too many.
I continue to pray for your beautiful country, for my friend and her family who have been evacuated once also for her son in law a volunteer firefighter. I weep as I watch the news.
Stay safe. Anne X

Sandra de said...

Hi Shaz apologies for a late reply. NBN issues and now having to connect via hubbies old iPad and account. Absolutely love those cards each one unique and all beautiful. A very sad time for our land... we can only pray for rain and relief for the poor folk affected. Love. Sandra De (ignore my husbands account)

Pia S said...

Happy new year! I never stop being amazed by what a difference just a change in color does. Great idea keeping to the same supplies and layout and still achieve such different looks.

Natalie said...

Thinking of you and your community and praying.

Shoshi said...

Happy New Year, Shaz, and I love your poinsettias and Brusho backgrounds. We really feel for those affected by the fires. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. Thank you as always for your prayers. I am so glad you enjoyed my blog last week. I have a punch board to make envelopes and they come out perfect every time! Do you know what sort of cutting machine your friend has?

Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x

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