Thank you for taking time to visit, and I hope I am even a tiny bit helpful as I have been helped and blessed by so many others. I have been doing Calligraphy since teens, and card making for many years as well. In 1990 I delighted in the joys of stamping with ink and embossing after a trip to Cairns, Qld. In 2009 I discovered the brayer, 2010 the Cuttlebug, also have now taking to reading up on crafting blogs and lo! Here I am, on one of my own.

I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

CAS Washi & Peel Off Cards + WOYWW

Hullo, hullo! It’s Wednesday... again! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜ƒ Those in the know, also know Wednesday is time for desks of the world at WOYWW - What is On Your Workdesk Wednesday So head over to Julia’s - peek, learn and share - do!

I’ve some simple cards today, I saw some discussion last WOYWW on someone’s desks re peel offs not being used.. curiously peel offs silver borders, front right, washi cards, in make, etc. was what was on my desk last week, not been touched again til this morning. 

When I need a card in a hurry, this is an idea I sometimes chose! Here I’m making the most useful JUST FOR YOU (Die by Ultimate Craft)  or THANKS (CB die) on cards for my stash. It’s quite simple, using two neglected stash items.. namely washi or peel off stickers. And if you don’t have a wide washi, you just put two from a set together like I’ve done of these cards, here. Layered up the greeting with a washi die cut too, which is adhered to white snippet of card and DST on the back, to make layering easier. 

Step 1: lay the wide or two layers of washi roughly an inch or 3cm from top of folded card.
2. turn it over tape ends die my score a pair of lines top and bottom and to finish off hedge of washi.
Then add the silver/ gold border of of peel off, top and bottom (peel offs front - silver sheet).
3. Then round the bottom corners. 
4. add layered chosen greeting. Full step by step given on this post HERE.  

So here's two cards made this way.
Another Kazelkraft Brusho penguin cards (Technique, includes polished metal embossing folder technique- see here), which is flying to Norway, DV. One more male card then I’m done, for a while. Now to Aussie photos some seascapes mostly.
First off a potplant  from our courtyard has been magnificent for months. An Anthirium - in cooler climates they grow indoors, but here they grow outdoors.

Seascape on one of main beaches where there’s a walkway along the break wall…
I saw
 this curiousity - do you know what it is? I didn’t know till I looked up closer!
Mm, I thought Rolls Royce doggie shower, obviously a dog lover on the council. I wonder how obediently said doggie is rinsed off?
Seascape of one of northern beaches - such beautiful contrasts.
That’s it for today, I may miss next week I’ve a very busy week, and blogging is difficult then. I did try visiting everyone who saw me + extras last week, but sorry for those I missed. 
BTW in post above this one, here, I share I’m going to use instead of feedburner for email subscriptions. It has a free option (as well as paid options with more perks), of course I’m doing the free one. 
Or that’s the plan.
Every blessing in your day and God’s keeping upon you, and those you love, Shaz in Oz.x 
Thought for the day.
This is what we all need to do every moment of every day… 
And it’s not a suggestion!
It’s a command. 
“Seek ye my face”! 
When we truly know someone - we know what their face looks like. 
Seeing God, truly, makes us want to follow him.
Seeing, knowing, believing, trusting, loving God, and His Son, Jesus, our Saviour means we want to follow Him.
If there is something between that relationship between us and God, some sin , then we won’t want to seek God.
As Adam and Eve hid from God in the garden after sinning, so will we. 

“When Thou saidst, SEEK YE My face 
My heart said unto Thee,
Thy face LORD, will I seek.” Psalm 27:8

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Sarah Brennan said...

Love the idea of such a lovely clean and simple card using washi and peel offs Shaz. Thanks for the idea! Fabulous Aussie photos. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #4

Helen said...

great way to use your washi and peeloffs! Love the Aussie pics, and the dog shower! Take care and have a good week. Helen #1

brenda said...

Popped back to see if you have comment moderation or I missed clicking the robot as it's out and about this morning, if I did then you won't have my comment!

B x

brenda said...

OK, then no comment moderation and I missed out the robot, so basically said a lovely post and loving your funky birdies. Also the seascapes are always a pleasure to see and that doggie contraption is something never seen or heard of before but I know one or two who would love it.

Many thanks for joining in our June challenge at We Love Chocolate Baroque.

B x

Neet said...

Well, that is certainly a first. I have never seen anything like the doggy shower "thingie" before. Interesting!
Now those cards! What a lovely card they make - you have some pretty washi tape there Shaz and I love how you have used it with a die to cut out the words for the greeting. So simple but so very effective. I am sure anyone would be pleased to receive one of those.
Thanks for the Oz photos too - always a pleasure to see.
Take care my lovely friend and
God Bless, Neet 10 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Those are genius cards, I love the simplicity of the making, it belies the sophisticated look of the finished article! Thanks for sharing that, it may well be something I have a go at (is not too complicated! For this rookie card maker, lol!). Gorgeous Aussie shots and that dog shower made me hoot, it’s very stylish for a utilitarian thing!
Hugs LLJ 7 xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your cards are beautiful. I think the penguins are adorable. I loved the washi tape cards, but I don't understand what peel offs are. I even checked your other links.

I had to laugh at the doggie wash off thingy. I wonder who paid to put it there! Happy WOYWW from # 5.

Lynn Holland said...

I’ve had an Antirhnum plant for years that a friend gave me for my birthday.
It permanently has flowers on it, it’s amazing and so easy to look after.
I know a few friends who’d appreciate one of those doggy showers for their beloved pooches.
Have a good week Shaz
Lynn xx 14

Spyder said...

A doggie shower what a thoughtful idea of someone! There's outside people showers where I used to walk dogs so, (when you've got to've got to go..and dogs come in too!)after craming them all in the loo...I'd wash them off too! I like the bird card best! Stay safe, keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW?! ((Lyn)) #15

Crafting With Jack said...

Wonderful photographs and cards. I love that flowery washi tape. I made some washi tape hearts this week. That is an amazing doggy shower. Happy WOYWW Angela #9

Susan Renshaw said...

Great design using the washing and peel off's!
Lovely Aussie pictures!
Happy WOYWW!
Susan #20

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. Such beautiful scenery, which does remind me of Pembrokeshire. Although your climate is a lot nicer than our's! I often use washi tape in my crafting. Great for quick cards and LOs. Ali x #24

Felicia said...

Shaz, your cards are soooo pretty and I NEVER use my peel-offs or my washi tape enough in projects. I simply always forget about them!! So simple to use and add such nice touch and still make a statement with your project! The penguin card is super cute!!! Oh my heavens that Anthurium is just gorgeous!!! What a lovely plant to have in your courtyard! Your seascape pictures are just beautiful and that dog wash is histerical! I sent it to a dog lover friend of mine to see if she knew what it was and she didn't!! I have never seen anything like that over here in the states! Have a great rest of your week! Blessings! Felicia #22

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Great idea for making CAS cards, Shaz, thank you I have to remember this input :) Your cards are so lovely!
Your penguins card looks very impressive, thanks for joining us with it at We Love Chocolate Baroque challenge!
Fabulous Aussie shots as always.

Shoshi said...

Your cards are always stunning, Shaz, and this week's are no exception, simple though they may be. Sometimes less is more! Beautiful Aussie photos as always, and I always really appreciate your Scripture verses and your insights. This week's is as appropriate to my situation as always!

Thank you for your visit, and especially for your ongoing prayers, which mean so much to me. I'm sorry you've had such awful trouble with your veins. Fortunately I am not claustrophobic and the MRI was no problem - it was just interesting! You are absolutely right about the embossing folder - "Celtic Weave" it is! My mistake!! I'm keen to try that tarnished metal technique too - it sounds interesting. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the kitties - Lily is fascinated by the stairs and often peeks through the bannisters like that. My tidying is going well - I had another short session this p.m. before we had to go and collect my computer.

Happy WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #12

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Gorgeous cards Shaz and love how you've used the washi tape and peel offs. The dog wash is amazing and very useful. Loving all the gorgeous photographs too. Hope you are having a very happy woyww. Sending hugs, Angela x17x

Conniecrafter said...

You certainly have some lovely washi tape, they are such a pretty touch to the card!
Lovely sunsets at the beach :)

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Nice cards you make and washi tape is fun to use. I put it on the backs of envelopes when I send them, at times. I will check out the Feed It link and she how to do that. I wasn't sure what the update was to use instead of Feedburner. I appreciate you sharing it. Looking forward to see the ocean in Alaska. God bless, Becky

Ankit Ron said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
craftyani said...

Think it was Shazsilverwolf told me about washi tape and quick and easy to make cards, now in an emergency this is what I use. have a good week. Ani#2

Brenda said...

My poor washi is very neglected so I need to take this cue from you and start using it. Although non of mine is wide like yours, so will definitely have to use a couple together. I love how your cards came out Sis! Love the washi tape you used, I've not seen washi like these. So the sentiments are stickers??? Or did you die cut the sentiments from the washi tape? So beautiful and CAS! The photo's are stunning, the flower is so beautiful. I would love walking the walkway along the break front as long as I didn't get washed over by a wave, a beautiful walk for sure! I thought that horseshoe shape was a sculpture. lol So cool that it is a doggy wash, although I'm not sure how it works but I guess if a dog likes the ocean, they would like the wash off. Last photo is jus so serene! Hugs and blessings, Brenda

Caro said...

I love clean and simple cards like that - I haven't made one in years though so thanks for the inspiration/reminder. The photos are lovely - I have never seen a doggy wash like that - it's amazing. Happy Belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#23)

loz said...

Beautiful CAS cards shaz..lo

Julia Dunnit said...

I don’t think I have any actually useful peel offs like borders! I know I’ve got a wedge from when I closed the shop, but that was so long ago I doubt they’ll still stick. As I’m mid clear up, I can probably say with confidence that I’ll happen upon them and test themselves, love your washi cards. I don’t have any of that either, but a strip of scrapbook paper would do wouldnt it, they are such lovely cards to have in stock! Love the penguins for your boy card, they continue to be a right old challenge for me. And oh, the seaside. I have a yearning! The doggie shower is impressive, is there even a tap to wash off human feet?!!! Don’t let the next week be so busy you don’t get a chance to enjoy!

Pia S said...

Inspiring layout ideas for using washi and making quick cards. Your tip might come in handy:)

Lillianb said...

Lovely pictures and cards,

Take care and stay safe

Lilian B #19

Crafty in the Med said...

Hi Shaz, Many thanks for your comments on my previous posts. It is always nice to hear from you! I have an Anthirium as well but it doesn't look as half as health as yours.I have it out in my balcony garden and it should be doing fine in this climate out there but it isn't. I imagine that is my fault and I am not doing something right.Beautiful views of the sea and the sun going down. I have never seen a gadget like that before! Very classy! I think they just chuck a bucket of water over dirty doggies here or hose them down after their romp on the beach. I have noticed there are a couple of dogs allowed beaches now here though. Cards: yes I like the penguins...penguins with character LOL Take care Amanda x

Shoshi said...

Thank you for visiting this week, Shaz, and especially for your continuing prayers. I cannot think of a better reason for not blogging than that you haven't got time because you are spending more time praying!! That is totally brilliant! Keep up the good work. You are right - there is so much going on that needs prayer these days.

You may not be taking part in WOYWW but I'll wish you a happy one anyway, and as always, God's blessings on you.
Shoshi x

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