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I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 40 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 88

Mmm, this has had to be a very industrious few days.
Notice my chief supervisor there, sitting next to my cute green bug... my Love bear, full of great ideas!
You see, I had this order sitting around for several weeks, and instead of doing the four cards on the order I had played around with things I wanted to play with!
But I have finally knuckled down and here is what my table looked like a few hours ago ( it is now cleaned up as had to..).. Oh! and in the cleaning up I nearly had a heart attack!!
I was taking my rubbish out to the bin in my clear plastic gag… thankfully this time it was a clear one from my cereal; as my little eye spied in the corner of it at the bottom of the rubbish bag….

EEEKKK! A spellbinder! This is my one terror, I will loose a piece and always praying about it.. And just as well, as this was a very close call. So the Petite Scalloped Oval smallest piece was safely retrieved. This is the second time it has gone AWOL (and the only one to do so, and on two occasions now!). Last time it was another mad panic and found it in another spellbinder.. whew, again! I breathed another prayer of deeeep thanks!

Now I had a birthday card to make for friend in Japan so thought this one with teabag folding on it and the cherries in the pattern was rather appropriate for her. I hope she likes it and the cherry blossoms should be out soon over there. (see no 1 card)
 Guess they will be hanging out for spring's arrival like everyone else!
 And then there are the two I have made for the order and so glad to have done them; now I have to do the poems for the insides, and then envelopes and finished, phew!
If you are wondering what the other two are like I have posted them already - second card on my brayer and Stampscapes post here and last card on mock marble brayer one here.

Always so nice when I have them ready for delivery.

 And for those of you who saw the acetate stamping on last week's WOYWW post it was finished satisfactorily on a previous post! thanks for everyone's tips on it, too!

For those of you who like calligraphy posts, I will do one on Friday, this week, God willing.
To join in the fun of WOYWW, make sure you drop by Julia's Stamping Ground!   

Happy WOYWW, everyone!
PS ah! I always want to know myself, and have been asked so here goes!!
Card 1: Embossing folder is Cuttlebug Kimmy-Luvs embossing folder, and using Nellie Snellen lace die and the Nestabilities on the centre piece.
Card 2: "thanks" - Cuttlebug Embossing Folder "Bubbles", same Nellie Snellen Die on Lace Doily centre {and used the Lace border die on the last card ( I do love these Nellie Snellen dies)}.I have arthritis and can't use punches but dies are great so was excited to discover these. The corners of this card are from Cuttlebug vintage corner set. Have extended the border and all the folders with the same method I used on my enlarging folders post.(see labels at sidebar)
You just practise first to get methods right for each folder, as they are different. All are extended more than A2 size.
The "thanks" is stamped on the new Spellbinder Fancy Labels set and so are the scrolls on Card 3 "With Love" on the last card, it is mounted first with the Petite ovals and Scalloped ovals on top of the scroll ends of the label. I used the Cuttlebug folder from "Love" set. The flower and bird border on this card (click on it, it is absolutely beautiful) was a pre-made one I picked up very cheaply in Sydney on a doctor's visit.. at my calligraphy shop " Wills Quills".. I love that shop!!
PPS thanks to Susan @ Stamp on Me my Nesties are all nestled in their home nice and tight NOW! She told me in comments below of the magnetic tape you can buy from Spotlight so off I went yesterday and fixed them all up right and tight last night.. now just must remember to pull them off the cardboard outline and put each one away each time. See how useful WOYWW is! thanks craftie buddies!

It was leaving  the cardboard on it that was the problem as it was face down and could not see it!  Calligraphy post maybe a tad late as busy today was supposed to get it ready last night but went out..sorry!


HarmonySweetpea said...

Uh oh... that was a lucky save. I just loose everything amongst my clutter but hopefully not at risk of throwing things out. Lovely cards. Sounds like it was a productive week. The cards look amazing!

Sue said...

Hi Shaz
oh phew good job you noticed ya spell binder, beautiful cards, is the little scroll on the last card a nesstie?? very pretty, have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(11)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Glad you have that eagle eye and saved your elusive spellbinder. It was spellbound!

You make such gorgeous cards. And they all have such attention to detail. I notice that you British gals make square cards a lot. They cost more to send in the US, so, even though I'm not a card maker, I know that most US card makers use the rectangular size that is about 1/2 an A4 size.

Neet said...

Gorgeous cards and I know what you mean about not losing one of the dies. I keep mine on magnetic paper inside a cd wallet. I would hate to lose an oval too. #22

jude said...

Gosh that was a close call!Love your tea bag cards that somthng ive tried and not successful i admire them as they are so effective on a card.
Can you be left alone not to throw out anymore craft essentials till next week i
Hav fab wednesday hugs judex16

Glenda said...

I'm always loosing my dies! It's a big fear for me to throw one away! I'm constantly looking for one it seems. I'm glad to hear it's not just me!

Marjo said...

Hi Shaz,

Hahaha, at least you didn't have to go dumpster been there done that, no fun at all! Guess we both love our Spellbinders. Haven't gotten any of the supersized ones yet. I can feel them calling my name. Couldn't resist that Sizzix die, it was on sale.

Gorgeous batch of cards, have a great WOYWW, hugs Marjo Lucky #2

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh your cards are utterly lovely. I have a tiny dedicated area for die cutting and no longer allow myself to move dies beyond that onto my desk, or they would be swept up and lost in the terrible untidyness that prevails. Thank goodness for clear bags!

Karen said...

What luck that you spotted the Spellbinder!! Lovely cards, they are all gorgeous, thanks for sharing :)
Have a great WOYWW,
Karen #58

Leonie said...

oooh no! they are tricky little buggers! The other thing you have to watch is the clear stamps- especially the small ones. One day i know I will wash one down the sink while cleaning them :-(
thanks for popping by my blog again- no it's not just you- comments has been particularly painful today- or maybe it's just my damn dial up!! Oops sorry about the swearing
happy woyww!
xxxfairy leonie #21

karen said...

Phew, that is so lucky that you saved your littlest Spellbinder piece!
Your cards are beautiful! And the ones done with the brayer in the post you linked to are breathtaking! I am going to have to learn how to do that!
Thanks for the peek!
xoxo Karen (#49)

Susan said...

Hi Shaz,
I have put adhesive magnetic strips into my spellbinders packets to hold them in. Spotlight has them on dispensers. I also make sure I put them away immediately (into the packet) as I almost lost one in my recycling box! Before I got my large acrylic block I used my sizzix cutting plate (from the old red sizzix). Got my block from the Paperific expo last year and it wasn't too expensive.
Susan xxox

HeARTworks said...

Wow! What fantastic cards- I love the teabag folding cards. Good thing you didn't lose your spellbinder! Prayer works! Patsy from

Scrapcollectr said...

Love your little stuffed craft muse (especially his color!) thank goodness you rescued that lil Spellbinder....your cards are magnificent! Happy WOYWW...
And thx for visiting!

Susanne said...


Sandra said...

oh what lovely lovely cards :)

Spyder said...

Lovely cards, and yep, me too, spelll-binder in the clear recycle bag, luckily their was a nice box in there I too k thinking it would be useful and there hiding under was a little scalloped rectangle! Love hose swirly die cuts holding your sentiment, must save up and get me some!!
(Lyn) HappyWOYWW

Anonymous said...

Fab peek at your desk, thanks for letting us in.
I have been sorting my stuff out and didnt have time for pics of it yet
have a wonderful day
Hugs June x

Chelle said...

Gorgeous cards..glad you saw the piece before actually throwing the bag out. TFS 103

Sunshine Girl said...

Beautiful cards you have made there. I have put a magnetic strip in each of my spellbinder folder and havent lost one yet! Thanks for sharing (46).

Mrs A. said...

That was a close call on the die. Good job it was a see through bag. Love the tea bag card.
Hugs Mrs A. #83

Andria said...

Happy WOYWW, didn't have time to join in myself this week, but couldn't resist a good nosey around anyway. The finished cards are totally stunning and individual.

oneoff said...

Hope all is well on the coast; I love that photo showing where you live. Good luck on the Spellbinder rescue; it's only a matter of time before I lose something important. I love all that texture in your cards.


MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Well done for finding that tiny bit before it was too late. I love that last card especially and I agree that border is really special.

lisa said...

Your cards are gorgeous, Shaz. I love the look of teabag folding but am rubbish at it. The folds just confuse me terribly!!
Your desk looks very industrious. The best way to store your Nesties is on Magnetic sheets, you won't loose them I promise.
Hugs Lisax (127)

Elizabeth said...

I just love the 'With Love' card and that border is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #79

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

What a lovely lot of cards, you have been busy. Fabulous lots of wonderful crafty bits! Thanks for sharing, hugs Heidi x

katemade designs said...

beautiful cards. Good thing you saved the errant die - the little ones do tend to wander.

Sam aka Hettie said...

Didn't know Spellbinders could be soooo naughty!! Having second thoughts about buying any now!!
Thanks for sharing your lovely cards with us.

Sam aka Hettie #125

P.S. I changed my Bloggie format last week because I noticed that alot of others had the same colours - now ours match!! LOL!!!

okienurse said...

Awesome desk! Beautiful cards!

RosA said...

Hi Shaz, Your cards are absolutely BEEEEEEEEEEEaaaauuuuuuuuutiful! Thanks for visiting my desk and that embossing you see in the bottom LH corner is just a bit of metal wrapper saved from some bubbly bottles and put through the Cuttlebug, which I see you have handy. I have to get mine from another room, which if it was habitable would be my craft room, or "studio", hehe.

Carola Bartz said...

Love your cards, very cute. I'm glad you found that little die before it disappeared forever!

Starla said...

Beautiful cards!
I have two missing dies, the smallest rectangles and scalloped rectangles. I am afraid that they DID end up in the trash...funny thing, after they went missing and I tore apart my space and cleaned it in the search, I started picking up my area after each project before starting another one! Can't afford to lose too many dies due to mess!
Star 102

Nicky said...

Stunning cards you have been creating - had to laugh at your near mishap with your spellbinder - thats why I use and put away or I lose ~ Nicky no.9

RosC said...

Hi Shaz,
Well done finding the die. Reminds me that when I was quite little, Mum threw out the rubbish parcel with her engagement ring in it. My Dad went to the tip, asked the blokes where the rubbish from our neighbourhood was dumped, AND FOUND IT. Tenacity pays!!!
And how good to goof off with your new stuff and do what you feel like. :-)
of Oz.

Spyder said...

The Cats are known as Fat Cats... they were freebies ages ago though a magazine/forum/downloading-what knot! If you scroll down on my blog, past WOYWW, there are two posts about the TC swap and links to find the Fat Cats freebies which appeared in the mags (and on CD) one link also has papers too.


lizzy giggs said...

Hey Shaz! Yikes! Good save on the Spellbinder! I read you were going to do another Calligraphy piece?! Yay! Looking forward to that! Would you ever consider freehanding a verse on one of your brayered Stampscapes?? Not that you don't have enough to do!!! I just know it would be fabulous!!

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful cards! If you can lay your hands on some of that magnetic sheeting, you can put a strip of it in something/on something and voila nestie storage and you can tell at a glance if something is missing. But finding the pieces in there could be enough to make you not want to take out the trash without great inspection! TFS :D #101

Twiglet said...

Shaz - your cards are really lovely - I especially like the bottom one with the little flower garden. Glad you like my little sock dolls and my little owl stuffie - I am putting them in the blog shop later if you are interested - a little owl would love to find its way to OZ! Hugs - Jo

Anonymous said...

Good save on the nestie, I try to clean up as I go along, put away small items like that. Of course sometimes it goes the other way and I end up putting away and taking out again the same thing over and over!! Love the cards today.


Barbara Mason said...

Whoa -close call -glad you found that die--you have a very pretty & busy desk this week.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Wow - what a busy little gumnut you have been Shaz! LOVE all these cards - love all the different elements and textures.

Oh, so I am not the ONLY one who loses Nesties!! And I lose other things like my ruler and 8" scissors (how can you lose something like large scissors???!). And last September, I lost an 80th birthday card - and I still can't find it. I made it for my mother's birthday and lost it the morning I was going over to her home which is many miles from here and didn't have time to make another one - I had to buy one (shock-horror-so expensive!).

BTW, re the Best Creations Glitter cardstock. You probably won't find it at Spotlight. I bought mine at a store in NE country Vic when I was there on hols last Sept. Stamp-It Australia have it and you can get it via mail order (I have used them before). Here is a link to the cs:

Susan said...

Hi Shaz,

Relieved to see you got your nesties sorted. So glad to be of assistance! Can you raise your right hand and swear that you didn't buy any other craft goodies during your visit to Spotlight? If you did, I am in awe as I can never go there and just buy one thing!

Hugs Susan xxox

Lorraine A said...

gorgeous cards and a fab desk ,,, love everything on it !!! I have lost stamps and dies ,,, I moved my bin from next to my desk so hopefully nothing will fall in again ,,, !! glad you spotted the die ,,, lucky !! :-)

Lols x x x
I am joining in this week too ( 94) :-)

Chrissie said...

What fabulous cards!
I'm sorry I'm so late in visiting, but what with my new grandson and my new challenge blog and other family commitments the week seems to have flown.
Thanks for the snoop.
Chrissie #4

Kezzy said...

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous. Great save, I'm forever recovering my spellbinders dies!

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