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Friday 5 November 2010

Using the Brayer with Cuttlebug Folder - Winter House

Walked along our jetty this afternoon, laughed at the screaming seagulls playing with the wind currents, I love birds they are so full of character! One day I may show you the blue faced honeyeaters who dine on my flowering grevilleas. They are a picture of beauty by the Master Designer, as I watch them from my kitchen window.
Thought today to look at the brayer and using it with Cuttlebug folders, it is so much fun to see what results you can have. I used for today’s example the Folder called Winter House, which I borrowed from my friend Steph, it is a nice one! Thanks, Steph!

The first card is not coloured, it is just done on a white cardstock and sprayed with Diamond Dust Glimmer Mist, with Marianne Die Snowflake.

It is decorated with some coloured braid, Stickles and silver stick ons. Ikki has card much better than mine on her "Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard" blog if you want to check it out.

 For brayering on the folders I used the Kaleidacolor Dye ink pad called Blue Breeze; it goes in five shades from pale aqua to deep purple blue. Here are two examples, left one is debossed and the right is embossed.

  • When you load the brayer up with ink keep it light and even in pressure to insure even coverage and also move it up and down the pad slightly as you brayer to keep it free of gaps in the colours. 
  • Once loaded, brayer on the inside of the folder. 
  • For embossed effect ink on the inside that has the black writing on it “Cuttlebug” and for the debossed you do the other side.
  • You can work it out first how much ink to put on by trying it out on a scrap paper first as sometimes I like the ink dark sometimes light. It depends on card and the folder.
  • So if you want it lighter roll off some colour onto scrap paper, and then brayer on the folder. 

You can use the folder for about two or three times before you need to re-ink it. With this folder I did the light colours at the bottom and the dark at the top to give the effect of night sky and snow. Hopefully!
Also this folder was brayered across the picture so the contours of the sky and land were horizontal. So I had to move the brayer up and down on it, while trying to keep it an even coverage.
Decide which way you are going to roll the brayer and stick to that ie towards yourself or away from yourself (unless doing a tiny bit of touching up lightly at the end).

Here is a simple design card I made with the brayered folders:
It was sprayed with the Glimmer mist (Diamond Dust) again as with the top one, and then cut with Nesties labels 2, Stickles and Silver Mirri card underneath mounted on purple cardstock and silver sticker adornments.
There are great effects by brayering your folders, it always will be surprise! nice ones mostly! 

If you want to have more tips on brayers you will find some great ones on Eileen's crafty Corner on her today's post and tomorrow's. She is doing dome tutorials and she is one clever lady!


Eileen said...

I just love these ....I have loads of embossing folders but I have not tried this ...lovely results so I will give this a go, Melissa has been doing this too. I will link back to you and thanks for mentioning my blog ..It's nice to have blogging friends ... BTW beautiful part of the world you live in .... xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Thanks Eileen for your kind words and yes it is beautiful here. But so is dear, dear England.. What do you mean "by link back to me?" and is it okay for me to put a link to your blog on mine? I tried to send an email to you before but not sure I worked the system correctly. thanks! Shaz.xx

Unknown said...

Great to see you have finally got yourself a blog so we can all share your wonderful ideas, Good job, Sis. Well done! Love the giraffe and kittens they are so cute and so you! love Steph x

Karen said...

Love your site Shaz. You are a clever cookie. Beautiful cards and verses. Hope all goes well for you Shaz in Oz. Karen xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Those really are lovely and that is a nice stamp, just right for next Christmas.

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