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Thursday 11 July 2013

Mont St Michel, Cancale, Arromanches + St Malo

(Warning - Photo heavy post - and WOYWW post CLICK here)
Hullo everyone - as have been enjoying Le tour de France, it just passed through Mont St Michel, Cancale and St Malo. So thought would share photos/memories of these places. This is in brief, don't worry, mainly pickies. As I viewed this scenery again thought of my friend Anne of Brittany as she lives very near here - also known as Anne in France on WOYWW - see here.
Mont Saint Michel - see further info here
In centre, below buildings there are pilgrims crossing the salt marshes. Some were stuck en route and needed rescuing! The salt marshes  is where some of the finest French Lamb is grazed by farmers, quite amazingly I thought!
Water to drink anyone?
Final farewell to Mt St Michel
Arromanches - D-day landings were here + along the coast of Normandy - more info, see link here, Rob's panorama photo on phone.
These formed the Mulberry artificial harbour made and floated across from UK for D-day landings - see here
At Cancale flat bottomed vehicular fishing boat - know the name anyone? {EDIT: From comment by Anne in France: "The boats they use are bisquines and you can have a trip on 'La Cancalaise' as a tourist. Cancale is famous for its oysters"  - which we saw them being shucked before you eat them.. that is fresh..}
Walled cit of St Malo was originally a pirate (Corsairs) city - click for more info.
St Malo is famous for its crepes and galletes (savoury crepes) they were so yummmm!
Panorama of St Malo walls and harbour - small fort not shown to far right.
Le Nautilus Hotel where we stayed for the trip, the walls were about three feet thick, wonderful!
Ah, thanks for sharing some very, happy memories - although it was grey weather, it wasn't wet, a precious God-blessed time with family.
Thanks so much for popping over for peek and chat. May God bless your day wherever you may be! 
Shaz in Oz.x
As mentioned earlier, my brother Peter is over for le Tour de France as Australia's Bikestyle Tour chief guide ~ they ride about 70 or so km of the route each day then watch it en route or at certain location... here is his blog if you adore le tour de France as our family does. He now has wi-fi and has been posting each day.


Rossella said...

Wonderful photos, Shaz, thanks for sharing,
Rosie x

Jenny Marples said...

Saw the end of the time trial on the TV yesterday (go Chris Froome!!) - you've got fantastic weather for your trip to Northern Europe and have obviously brought the sunshine with you from Oz. Have a great time during the rest of your break. Hugs, Jenny xx

Anne said...

Lovely photos Shaz, I don't know where mine are, they are negative film strips somewhere! Cancale is noted for its oysters. The boats they use are bisquines and you can have a trip on 'La Cancalaise' as a tourist. Mt St Michel is amazing, like St Michaels Mount in Cornwall. However the tide in Mt St Michel comes in at 40mph! You are not allowed to walk on the beach!!!!! The Mulberry Harbour is just incredible and very poignant. Thanks so much for sharing your memories from my neck of the woods! It's been so long since we were 'tourists!' xxx

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photos, Shaz! Thanks for sharing:)
I'd love to visit Europe someday!
Many blessings,

Ger said...

Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to visit Mont St Michel. Ger x

MaryH said...

Always enjoy your photo posts so much. These are such lovely scenic places, which I would adore to see one day (probably won't though!), and your photography is wonderful. Wish I could take such great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. Hugs

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