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I live on the coast of eastern Australia. I am a Christian. I trusted in the LORD down here at the beach, amazingly it is not far from where I now live. It was over 50 years ago, after a Beach Mission Service at the age of 12 years

Sunday 27 January 2013

Illuminated Calligraphy ~ Who or What is a Christian?

Hullo there everyone ...
Well, I mentioned at new year, I would try to give you more calligraphy this year, from illuminated works I completed in years before blogging.  
After all this blog is called Calligraphy and Cards. 
Two things to point out regarding this early work:
1. I did not have a digital camera .. actually I borrowed one, as I did not have decent one at all!
2. If you look carefully at top right of this you can see I have taken a photo of original photo (see tiny-teeny snip of doily in pickie) - the latter with my digital. Basically this was because it was so much better than a scanned image. 
It was so flat, even so colour is not as crisp or accurate. This is done in watercolour too not gouache like later ones, hence softer hues.
What are your thoughts as you read this verse? The meaning is not really hard is it?? perfectly clear!
We ARE (I am) what we think in our hearts.
YET here we deceive ourselves SO often!!

As God says through Jeremiah (17:6) "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"
Who indeed can know our hearts?
Verse 10 gives us the answer:
"I the Lord search the heart, .. even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings."
Capital letter "a' is a combination of two letters {A + J) on calendars by Hong Kong Christian Book Room
The observant among you are probably wondering where I am going with this?
My title is:
"Who Or what is Christian?"

I have had this post on my heart for a long time. Folk, precious wonderful people, going about their everyday activity hoping they are "Christians", when they can KNOW for sure that they are.  This is really  missing heaven by eighteen inches. Eighteen inches (or 45cm approx.) is the distance from our head to our heart.
We can know about God's gift in our mind/head but if it has not changed our heart it is really quite useless.
Salvation is a precious blood bought gift purchased on the cross of Calvary, where the the LORD Jesus Christ died for you and for me. 
It is something we can be sure of!! :D not just vaguely hope we might have it.

If we could have this heavenly gift, called Salvation through what we do, what church we attend, etc. then where was the point of the Lord Jesus' sacrifice on the cross??
We can never ever earn it - we are too sinful, to make God's grade of perfection. As the hymn (There is a Green Hill Far Away) says:
He died that we might be forgiven..,,that we might go at last to heaven,
Saved by His precious blood.. and we must love Him too,
Trust in His redeeming blood and try His works to do.
God through His Only begotten Son, Jesus, made salvation so simple that even a **child can believe and follow it ~ yet we try and complicate it. 

I pray for all who read this if you do not understand what I am talking about to take the Bible and read it for yourself (start in Gospel of John) and seek a church, where the word of God is taught in its purity. 
In the meantime look at post (my earliest calligraphy post, see below) and also this site here.

So, what is a Christian?? - quite simply is a Follower, Disciple - a believer in the LORD Jesus Christ, trusting Him alone for their salvation.
If we love Him, He will shine forth in our lives, and that is what this illuminated verse is all about.

This illuminated text (above) was ordered from me by a mother for her teenage son in about 1994. 
Probably because she desired his heart to have God directed thoughts, not of the desires of the flesh, as is encouraged so much these days.

I pray for all who read these words.. 
For the LORD will meet you right where you are at now, so I pray you will reach out to Him, to seek Him:
  • for comfort and grace to help if you know Him as your own
  • or that this day might your day of rejoicing in your salvation by trusting Him for the cleansing power of His blood in your life - as simply as a child.
May God richly bless you where ever your maybe and thank you SO much for popping over for a peek and chat and making my day! 
Shaz in Oz.x  

** I came to know the LORD Jesus as my own Saviour when a child. This post shows the original place where I was saved, very near where I live now, and another illuminated verse connected with this day and the story of that day of rejoicing in heaven, over one sinner who repented.. SEE this post here.

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{EDIT - Comment by Victoria of Furry Tales - a great point made:
 Victoria said... A beautiful post explaining the Gospel so clearly. I think many Christians can relate to what you write about the head and the heart, and I also think the problem can work the other way, that if our faith is based on feeling alone without understanding then it lacks substance and will falter at an early hurdle.}


MaryH said...

Sharon, thank you for this truly inspirational & thought provoking post today. It was good to be reminded of who My Saviour is, what He did for Me, and to say Thank You to Him. One doesn't find a lot of posts like this, and I'm happy to read this one today. Also thanks for the links to your beautiful work. It is so awesome. Calligraphy is something I've always wanted to learn - but never attempted. Your colors are so bright & glowing against the gold. I don't know what gouache is, I've read about it, still don't know what it is. (I don't have any art in my background!!! LOL). Always love the wonderful area pictures that you post. Hope you are feeling good this lovely Sunday. God Bless, and thank you again for the post. Hugs

Karen Letchworth said...

This is a wonderful post. I always enjoy your art, but even more - these powerful words. I don't know why some people think it sounds "proud or conceited" to say I KNOW I'm going to Heaven. It's not US being proud, it's US claiming God's precious Word. God tells us in the Bible that we can KNOW FOR SURE that we are going to Heaven. Not through what WE'VE done, but through what HE, JESUS CHRIST, did for us on the cross. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post in our challenge this week. I hope that someone will see it who really needs to be assured of that very thing. THANK YOU for sharing this with us and have a great week.
Word Art Wednesday

Unknown said...

No one who reads this blog will be able to say they hdidn't know they needed Jesus.
Your work is lovey. you words wise and wonderful.
Thank you for joining us at Word Art Wednesday.
Carole Robb Bisson
The Blessing of the LORD be Upon You!

Sarah C. said...

A wonderful post, Shaz! Thanks for sharing! I pray it will touch all who read it.
God bless,

Carol L said...

TFS your beautiful calligraphy and your innermost thoughts. Have a wonderful week.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

From a fellow calligrapher -
Sharon Thomas commented on your photo.
Sharon wrote: "Shaz...I tried to post onto your blog, but same old trouble I always never would post. So here is what I wrote, because I really wanted to comment."

Sharon wrote: "Sharon, you have explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ so beautifully, so simply. You have understood and conveyed the scriptures so clearly. Reading this has encouraged me and uplifted me. It took me a long time to come to an understanding of the Gospel. I became a believer when I was only 8, but for years was tormented by my lack of understanding and confused by what different preachers taught. I kept thinking I wasn't saved because I hadn't done what I was required to do. What freedom when I finally realized as the truth what I believed in the very's nothing I have done or could ever's everything that Christ Jesus did! Your work is beautiful and your words are life and truth. I hope that many people read this post and that the Holy Spirit uses your words to awaken belief in their hearts."

Diane Noble said...

Oh, my goodness...this is stunning. Amazing talent! Thank you for sharing with us this week for our Word Art Wednesday challenge. We love having you share your inspirations there. Beautiful work!
Word Art Wednesday

Sonia said...

Magnificient creation my dear^_^
Big hug,

Victoria said...

A beautiful post explaining the Gospel so clearly. I think many Christians can relate to what you write about the head and the heart, and I also think the problem can work the other way, that if our faith is based on feeling alone without understanding then it lacks substance and will falter at an early hurdle.
The calligraphy is gorgeous and the gradation of shading is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing x

Anne said...

Your calligraphy takes my breath away! You are so gifted and the way you use this gift to spread the gospel and keep God's Word in our hearts is inspirational. Interestingly I have few comments when I write a scriptural based post on my blog. When we touch an area which we know may find a raw nerve it is difficult. I truly believe your post is spirit-led and may your reward in Heaven be piled high! God bless.

Ginny Maxam said...

Dear Shaz, What a beautiful post! I love your calligraphy work it is just so annointed! as was your explanation of the gospel! I almost felt like I was standing in your living room and you were explaning what I needed to know for my etrnity's sake! Thank you for this inspiring post !
Hugs and prayers,

Craftychris said...

Your calligraphy is so clever, I always love seeing it. A very thoughtful post xx

CJ said...

Stunning Shaz.... I love this. My husband had always been crazy about Calligraphy n am sure this would be an inspiration for him... Thank you for sharing.


scrappymo! said...

Thanks for sharing your thought provoking words with us today. you do such beautiful calligraphy...The two talents blend so well together.

Betsy said...

Your calligraphy is so beautiful and your words even more so, we CAN be assured of our salvation! Praise The Lord for that.

Sorry I'm late in posting, I've been down with influenza and I'm just catching up on my favorite blogs.

Robyn said...

Sharon, thank you for following your heart as the Lord instructed you to this beautiful post. I would like to link back to your site from my place. With your permission.

Jan Marie said...

Love this post and your heart for those who do not know our Savior. May He be pleased to open eyes and ears and change stony hearts into hearts of flesh. But how will they know, unless they hear and you have sent out the call. Thank you too for sharing your beautiful work and for using the talents the Lord has given you for His glory. Blessings!

Marilyn Mathis said...

Such a wonderful post! For your readers that do not know our Lord as Saviour, it is an excellent witness as to what they need to do and who He is. May God use this post to bring many to face their relationship with Jesus and commit completely to Him during 2015. There is not much time left.

Unknown said...

Your Calligraphy is just beautiful Shaz -it reminds of large illustrated Bibles I saw in my youth while being educated in a convent. I imagine that is exactly what you are aiming to achieve. Well done you . My aim is to be able to write decent Italic handwriting - nothing as ambitious as what you have achieved cheers Leo in the uk

Mehrll said...

I so cherish your small gift of calligraphy given to me. Your words are so needed today as so many do not seem to know or dare about their future. Thanks for this ever-needed post.

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